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Do you want to be a Pilot and fly through the clouds? Learn everything about the career path of a Pilot here - Career Prospects, Specialisations, Salary & more.

Who is a Pilot?

If flying high, up in the air, amidst the clouds is someone’s passion, then he/she should definitely become a pilot. After all, watching the world from 30000 feet above sea level is magical!

In Layman’s terms, a pilot is a licensed professional who has the desired skills and ability to fly an aircraft: In technical terms, a pilot is a professional who controls and manipulates the flight of an aeroplane, by manoeuvring its directional flight controls.  In some countries, a pilot is also known as an aviator, whose origin comes from the term “aviateur” in French.

Depending on the area, pilots have the responsibility of transporting citizens, military force, cargo, or commercial products. Although the primary responsibility of pilots is to fly an aircraft, they also check the weather and make flight plans prior to flying, examine flight logs and do pre-flight inspections. 

Pilots cannot stick to the “40 hours of work in a week” agenda because of the constant changes in their schedules, starting from changes in itinerary to equipment malfunctioning to unexpected weather adversity. For this reason, pilots tend to be persistent, patient, and thrifty, and these are the qualities they’re most respected and admired for.

Top Colleges


Duration: 2 - 3 Years

Fee per course/annum: Rs.30 - 40 Lakh


Duration: 2 - 3 Years

Fee per course/annum: Rs.60 - Rs.70 Lakh

Career Prospects

What are the Career Prospects of a Pilot?

Being a pilot is one of the most rewarding jobs currently, and there is a certain amount of pride associated with it. Besides, it’s financially very rewarding as well. A fresher pilot in India can earn upto INR 2 lakhs per month, while experienced pilots make more than 5-6 lakhs. 

As the pilot accumulates more flying hours and more experience, their salary and perks keep on increasing. 

Pilots in India can be hired by:

Domestic and International Airlines

This is the biggest employer for commercial, licensed pilots. Both domestic and international airlines need good pilots for their aircrafts, and they are highly paid as well.


Corporates and large organisations have their own private jets for ferrying the top management people, and for that, they need experienced pilots.

Flying Clubs & Academies

There are several flying clubs and flying schools that need flying instructors for new members, and a lot of experienced pilots get hired by them. 

Indian Defence Forces

Defence services always need pilots for their military aircrafts, and the sky's the limit for those who are able to make it to the Indian Air Force or Army or Navy as a pilot.

Similar Careers

Jobs & Salary

Some of the most popular job roles for a pilot include:

Passenger Pilot

A commercial pilot who specialises in flying commercial aircrafts for ferrying passengers from one point to another. 

Transport Pilot

A commercial pilot who specialised in ferrying goods and products from one destination to another. Typically, they are experts in long-haul routes, covering several continents.

Aerosports Pilot

Again, a commercial pilot, who specialises in aerosports activities like adventure sports, aeromodeling, and more.

Military Pilots

Military pilots are hired by Indian Airforce, Navy and Army for flying military aircrafts such as fighter jets. Not only are they trained to transport people and goods, but also engage in air-to-air combat and executing surgical strikes.

Private Pilots

Commercial pilots, who get a licence from DGCA to fly private aeroplanes of individuals or corporations. 

Captain & First Officer

In commercial or military flights, the pilot is the most senior ranked personal and is called the Captain of the flight. Whereas First Officer or FO is the co-pilot and often ranked below the Captain. 

The salary of pilots depends a lot on the number of flying hours. Rs.5 lakh per annum for freshers to Rs.30 lakhs per annum for experienced pilots is the normal range.

Famous Personalities

Noel Wien

Nicknamed as “The Arctic Ace”, Noel single-handedly introduced flying in Alaska and made it their favourite mode of transport.
Won a place in the National Aviation Hall of Fame for his courageous accomplishments

Gunjan Saxena

After joining the Indian Air Force in 1994, Gunjan Saxena was sent to Kargin War in 1999 for flying fighter jets.
She was the 1st Indian woman pilot to go to war.

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