Guiding Your Child towards a Bright Future

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Guiding Your Child towards a Bright Future

Class 8th & 9th #

Creating a path to self-discovery

  • Identify strengths & weaknesses
  • Understand the child’s personality
  • Improve academic performance

Class 10th #

Setting career goals

  • Align the child's career choices
  • Choose the right curriculum
  • Explore experiential learning

Class 11th & 12th #

Planning career & college choices

  • Find the right college
  • Create a college-ready profile
  • Guidance on college admissions

Undergraduate #

Ensuring career success

  • Make a stellar student profile
  • Build apt qualifications & skills
  • Career goal alignment

Ready to begin your child’s journey towards success? Explore

Ready to begin your journey towards success? Explore

My Journey

Mrs. Rushina Dudhwala

ProMap by Univariety was recommended to my son by his school, for him to develop new interest-based skills. Through well-conducted psychometric tests and a streamlined evaluation process, we were able to shortlist his key interests. He thoroughly enjoyed the programs suggested to him by his counsellor. This skill-building process is beneficial for his progression in his academics.

Professional career counselling is far better than taking advice from acquaintances. Structured career guidance from Univariety is beneficial not only for students but their parents as well for them to actively be a part of their child's career discovery.

Mrs. Rushina Dudhwala

Mother of Dhaveet Dudhwala, Grade 10
Thakur International School, Mumbai

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Parents Associated


Guidance Sessions Per Parent


UG Admission Offers for Students

0+ Cr.

Scholarships Received
(in 4 years)

How to have that first
career conversation with your child?

An open mind towards a broad range of career options is affirming to your child. As a parent, focus on the larger picture by giving your child the support they need. Quality exploration before deciding can have a radical impact on your child’s future.

  • Get to know your child
  • Do your research
  • Give space to your child
  • Be open to different ideas and opinions

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The Ideal Parent Journey

Understanding the parent’s role in career counselling

Understanding the parent’s role in career counselling

Exploring different research and knowledge tools

Exploring different research and knowledge tools

Diving into the curated programs in each stage

Diving into the curated programs in each stage

Analysing and finalising career

Analysing and finalising career

Industry Insights

Univariety's observation over last year states that parent involvement during the early stages of counselling helps reduce student-parent conflict in career decisions.

Industry Insights


Psychometric tests conducted

Unique courses opted

UX Design, AI, Astrophysics, Food Technology


Number of prestigious colleges joined across the globe

0 lakhs
(from a USA university)

Highest amount of scholarship received

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What Parents Say About Us

Molly Kapoor
Molly Kapoor

Mother of Anushka Kapoor, Class 11,
Nahar International School, Mumbai

Rajiv Gautham
Rajiv Gautham

Father of Atharv Gautham Class 10,
Silver Oaks International, Banglore

Sandeepa Sood

Mother of Punya Sood, Class 12,
Saffron Public School, Phagwara


Events & Webinars

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