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Fine Arts professionals create art, but not in a conventional way; they try different and unique methods and devices to produce artistic ideas. Through visual techniques like perspective, space, composition, and colour, they generate their eye-catchy artistic style. 

Some of the most common industries where fine arts' professionals can find employment include - museums, art galleries, colleges, design departments of various industries, such as apparel, merchandise, and video and film making, and jewellery or accessory designing houses.

There are many other innovative and unique job profiles in this domain, such as cake decoration, photographer, landscape designer, window display designer, furniture designer, engineer, forensic artist, editor, and apartment staging. Hence, it is one of the most diverse fields to explore and offers a highly extensive career path.

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Duration: 3 Years

Fee per course/annum: Rs.30,000 - Rs.80,000 Per Annum


Duration: 3 Years

Fee per course/annum: Rs.30 - Rs.50 Lakh Per Annum

Career Prospects

What are the Career Prospects of a Fine Arts Professional?

A Fine Arts professional can find a large number of job options to choose from. There is a huge demand for BFA degree and diploma holders in India, and once they have accumulated enough experience or if they have an unparalleled finesse in the domain, they can easily find jobs abroad. Take a look at the various jobs a fine arts graduate can take:


After completing their studies, the BFA graduates can easily find teaching jobs, in painting, sculpting, sketching, and drawing, etc.

Fine Arts professional

A Fine Arts professional produces high-quality art pieces such as sculptures, sketches, paintings, and art decor, etc. A Fine Arts professional is a designated profile in design companies, and they can have their own studio as well.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create different types of visual content that are in high demand across the world. Graphic designers find jobs in apparel, merchandising houses, magazines, comics, and many other areas.

Art Conservator

They conserve and restore the various art pieces, old relics, murals, textiles, books, and historical artefacts. Art conservators can also find government jobs, and they can travel around the world restoring privately owned art and antiques.


A painter can have his or her own studio, organize exhibitions and sell the art for high prices as well. A career as a painter is amazing, but you have to be agile and have great people skills to reach great heights. 


BFA degree holders with a specialisation in theatre can also pursue acting. Acting is a diverse and highly impressive job.  

Multimedia Artist

For being a multimedia artist, a specialisation in multimedia is required. This is also a highly diverse and vast career option. 

Art Director

Highly talented artists can also find jobs as art directors and art curators in various places, such as museums and motion pictures. They can also find jobs at magazine offices and fashion houses.

Similar Careers

Jobs & Salary

Art Directors

They have a managerial and editor-level job profile that is highly respectable. They give a final nod to the overall delivery and presentation of every artistic thing they are involved with.

Graphic Artist

They design graphics via computer, software, or manually. It is a high-paying job with lucrative career options. 


They find jobs in various places, such as magazines, newspapers, and comic offices. They can also start their own business. 

Jewellery Artists

They design imitation or precious jewellery pieces that are sold for a high price. They can become prominent figures on the global level and can have their own jewellery line as well.


They are employed by builders, architects, decor firms, interior houses, and many other persons to design sculptures for them. They can also become an entrepreneur if they have good skills.

The average annual salary of a Fine Arts professional in India ranges between INR 10 lakh to INR 80 lakh. A majority of the workforce earns around INR 35 lakh per annum.

Pros & Cons

  • Highly Creative
  • Exposure and access to global art
  • Lower starting salary
  • Highly knowledge oriented

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