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The skill involved in imparting knowledge can be called as teaching. It has often been stereotyped as a classroom affair, but in this day and age with the improvement of technology, teaching has become a much wider field.

Believe it or not, we are all teachers. We have all at some point taught others and are often teaching ourselves. Teaching generally is a two way initiative between teachers and students. Being able to teach well is hard work and this can be accomplished if you truly enjoy imparting knowledge. For example: We all have that one favorite teacher! We enjoyed his/her class and always waited for it. But did you ever stop and think, why? Well, because that teacher loved what he/she did and thus made the class equally fun. Such an attitude if contagious. So, if you have the same career goals, you may be on the way to becoming an outstanding teacher yourself! At the end of it, teaching has one common goal: learning. 

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There are many different courses available on Teacher training, both in India and abroad. Teachers study the subjects they wish to teach. For instance, someone who wishes to teach engineering would have to be from a sciences background, complete a course in engineering or a BSc in the same field and then move on to teaching. Although, there are many colleges who recruit graduates as trainee teachers, enrolling for a course in teaching might just help you be ahead of the curve.


Duration: 3 Years

Fee per course/annum: 15,000 - 25,000


Duration: 3 to 4 Years

Fee per course/annum: AUD 15,000 - AUD 20,000


Duration: 3 Years

Fee per course/annum: é 10,000 - é 15,000

Career Prospects

There are many job prospects available to teachers. Teachers, work in research institutions and even contribute their expertise to many education related activities. Once you have established yourself as an expert teacher, the doors for many opportunities open up. You get to attend many conferences on education, build your network and share your opinions on the current education system and also get a chance to address students and inspire them! Your effort will not go in vain, teachers are often recognised for their brilliance and are given “best teacher” awards.
In addition to teaching at universities/colleges, professors and teachers from private coaching institutes, private education-content companies/web portals also act as consultants to big companies and international bodies.

Jobs & Salary

Universities and schools are the most common places of work for teachers. Internationally famous schools, colleges and universities offer work to teachers. Some of the companies you can work for are listed here:

Indian Institute of Technology, India.
Australian National University, Australia
London School of Economics, UK.
Government bodies, Rajya Sabha
Raffles International School, Singapore
Princeton review, USA
British Council, UK
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
G-cube e-Learning Solutions, as a SME. (subject matter expert)
CBSE, ICSE and State boards hire teachers to write textbooks.

Teachers have always played down the money factor, often quoting reasons like social responsibility and personal fulfilment as major motivating factors, and not just the money. However, money is important, and as vague as that may sound, following is the generic remuneration of a teacher in India. Along with the base pay, a teacher also qualifies for perks and incentives, known as academic grade pay, which generally depends on the success of the teacher’s students.

Level Annual Remuneration Academic Grade Pay
Assistant Professor
(0-5 years)
2-5 lakh 72,000 annum
Assistant Professor
(5-10 years)
5-9 lakh 108,000 annum
(11 years and above)
10 lakh onwards 1,20,000 annum

Pros & Cons

As a teacher, you can have a personally rewarding and fulfilling career. There are pros and cons to everything in life.

  • Respected job
  • Extra holidays
  • Scope for growth
  • Versatility
  • Student appreciation
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Low remuneration (Initially)
  • Constant learning required
  • Extensive studies and research required
  • Stressful job (At times)
  • Demanding and tedious job
  • Accountability of students

Teaching thus is a mixed bag, but if you have the right personality traits, you will be mighty successful in this career.

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