Career in Criminal Investigators & Special Agents

Criminology is one of the disciplines of sociology. It is the scientific study of crime, its causes and prevention methods. It covers areas like criminal behavior, psychological and hereditary causes of crime, investigative methods of crime, criminal convictions and rehabilitation.

We are going to try and deduce something about you; yes you who are reading this. If you have opened this page to know about this career and did not mistakenly click it, you are a fan of crime shows or mystery and crime novels. If you aren’t, we are horrible at deducing, if you are, then we got fortunate.
But there is a profession where people can’t afford to be horrible or fortunate. A criminologist is someone like that. The stereotype dictates that a criminologist is usually a person who sits in the office, pouring through file after file of records. On the contrary though, you don’t find detectives and other law enforcement officials doing that do you? As many popular shows portray, they are usually out in the field, solving crimes and catching bad guys!
Criminology is a vast field of study and as such a person studying Criminology would be trained on these areas:
  • Comparative criminology, which is the study of the social phenomenon of crime across cultures, to identify differences and similarities in crime patterns.
  • Crime prevention
  • Crime statistics
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Criminal careers and desistance

Top Colleges

A successful career in criminology is based on sheer analytical and cognitive skills. The better you are at deduction, the better the criminologist you become. To do that, you require skills and to get the skills, you need to study them. There are many colleges around the world which offer courses in Criminology. Let us have a quick look at them. We have also made a comprehensive table of the approximate fees per annum and the duration of the course.


University of Pennsylvania | University of Virginia | George Washington University 


University of York | Queen’s University Belfast |Lancaster University 


National Law Institute University (NLIU) | Amity University, Noida |Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University 

Career Prospects

Criminology has been a popular degree choice for many years, perhaps largely because of the tremendous diversity within the field. Those who earn their degree will quickly realize just how many criminology career options there truly are. Someone who chooses to earn a degree in criminology can find themselves working in a wide variety of professions, from police officer to criminal profiler to bloodstain analyst and beyond.

Some career options are listed below:

  • Law enforcement and criminal justice.
  • Paralegal / Legal Assistant
  • Detective / Criminal Investigator
  • Forensics analyst
  • Crime Profiler

Jobs & Salary

Qualified criminologists have a wide field of career opportunities to choose from including private and public agencies, federal, state and local government agencies and in education conducting research and teaching.  Some of them are listed here:
  • FBI (International)
  • RAW (India)
  • CBI(India)
  • CIA (International)
  • Interpol (International)
Like in any other career, you would start small, over the course of time, once you have honed your skills, you would see a steady increase in your pay package.
This is the typical salary that a Criminologist earns in India:

Pros & Cons

As any other field, Criminology has its advantages and disadvantages.
The advantages of making a career in Criminology are:
  • Get to prevent and solve crimes
  • Work anywhere
  • Creative field
While some disadvantages are:
  • The field can get dangerous
  • High work hours and extra shifts
  • Heavy Academic Requirements
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