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App Developer

App Developer Imagine life without WhatsApp! Would you believe that this mobile app that has completely obliterated the SMS system of sending messages is not even five years old in India?
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Data Architect

Data Architect Architects build physical structures. Interestingly, Data Architects are named so because they design the structure of how data and information flow within the organization. Hence, data architecture is a niche area within the field of computer science and information technology.
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Data Scientist

Data Scientist Not all scientists spend their time in labs inventing. Data Scientists are named so because they can sort through large amounts of data and make it comprehensible for us laymen. If you enjoy working with numbers and derive satisfaction by making sense of chaos, here is a career for you to consider!
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Website Designer

Website Designer When consumers are online, businesses have to be. Websites are the modern stores where customers browse and select products to buy. And just like the physical stores, these online ones too must be aesthetically pleasing, easy to manoeuvre and customer friendly.
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Computer Application

A course in computer applications imparts knowledge of basic computer hardware, operating systems and software concepts. An app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications.