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In a brand new Series, Univariety presents ‘Student Journey’: A Unique milestone approach to career guidance and making crucial decisions. The process of Career guidance differs for every grade and the student journey is also different. In Part I, we explore the journey for Class VIII.

Career Guidance for students becomes necessary in the wake of the ever-changing career terrain. To enable students to be prepared for their future and make insight-based decisions, career guidance in a stage-wise format is the key. 

The idea is to map the Student Journey and give career-based recommendations based on a student’s learning styles, types of intelligence and other attributes. Then, the recommendations are matched with the student preferences to generate the best-fit options.  

In a nutshell, the Student Journey does two things for students:

  1. It breaks down a student’s dream career into actionable decisions, which are ‘The Milestones’
  2. It shows students a guided path of activities that prepare them to make decisions with an ample amount of research.

Student career journey

In Class 8, the journey is divided into two activities of Knowing the Learning Styles and Choosing Careers.

Learning Styles

Learning styles refer to the common ways people learn and understand concepts. Students need to identify their learning styles to improve their efficiency and understand themselves better. It is considered an important element of the scientific career guidance process

Under Learning Styles, we have identified 16 learning and productivity preferences. They are grouped into three categories: Sensory, Environmental, and Mindset.What us your learning style? Each category requires a slightly different approach to improve students’ learning and productivity.

The students have to follow the sequence of activities, take the assessment to know their learning styles and can seek counsellor interaction for further help. The students have to finish the activities before the date mentioned. 

In the student journey, once an activity and milestone are completed, they turn green. That helps students to track their progress. 

Watch this informative video to know more about the ‘Learning Styles’ section in Class 8 Student Journey on the Univariety app.

Choosing Careers

According to The Educators Report 2019, 73% of the educators recognised the need for students choosing their careers from Grade 8 itself. This will help counsellors to guide them ably in the process of career guidance and amplify the results. 

Under Choosing Careers, students are asked to shortlist careers and align their academic preparation to their chosen fields. 

If the student chooses a certain career while filling the profile details, we can suggest suitable options and focus areas.  

If the student chooses Engineering, the focus has to be more on Math and Sciences, and if the student chooses Humanities, the focus has to be on the relevant subjects. 

The student preferences can be changed later after further research and the students can take the help of the career counsellor wherever required. There is an option to explore more careers on the platform. 

Watch this informative video to know more about ‘Choosing Careers’ section in the Class 8 Student Journey on the Univariety app.

Students who take this approach are well-prepared to take a particular decision. For any help and support during the journey, students can chat with the counsellor in the chat pop. Univariety’s Student Journey simplifies complex activities and helps students get closer to their dream career goals.

How Schools Can Help Students with Career Guidance 

Schools play a pivotal role as they can enable students to get access to the Career Guidance System. This access will allow them to learn more about themselves, create a career trajectory and reach their goals.

Through the platform, school counsellors can track, manage, and understand the types of career interventions that are effective for students. When a counsellor understands the learning type and career choice by the student, career guidance can be optimally offered keeping that info in mind. This will enable career guidance to be in tune with the student choice. 

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