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The journey through school is profound, marked by countless lessons, friendships, and memories. But what often goes unnoticed is the invaluable role that alumni play in shaping this experience for current students. Univariety understands the immense value that a school’s ex-students can bring to current students. In this article, we will discuss how a school’s alumni can enrich the experience for current students. 

Top 5 Ways Alumni Can Enrich the Student Experience

Schools with strong student communities are often the most popular and successful. A vibrant alumni network not only benefits the school’s brand image and attracts new admissions, but it also provides current students with great guidance, mentorship, and career opportunities for the future. 

1. Career Path Exploration

Alumni can offer a glimpse into the real world, sharing their own academic journeys and insights into various topics. By organizing career fairs, workshops, or networking events, they can help students explore different paths and make informed decisions about their futures. Get a sneak peek with Univariety on questions to ask alumni about their careers & learn from your seniors. Connect with us to know more. 

2. Webinars & Workshop: Alumni Mentorship Programs

Alumni serve as guiding lights for current students, offering insights and advice that only come from experience. Mentorship programs, where they are paired with students, provide invaluable opportunities for guidance, whether it’s academic, career-related, or personal development. Dive deep into the world of sharing and getting reliable information from your institution’s alumni

3. Networking Opportunities

Alumni networks are like hidden gems just waiting to be discovered! Picture this: by hosting cosy coffee meet-ups or creating buzzing online hubs, they can be the ultimate guides for students and their dream careers. They don’t just open doors; they swing them wide open to internships, job opportunities, and connections that are pure gold. 

How would you feel when you see an ex-student from your school getting featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list? Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing more about her journey & how she created the network of her dreams? If the answer is yes, then ask us how. Learn More

4. Contribute Resources and Knowledge

Alumni can give back to their school in various ways, such as donating books to the library or conducting interactive sessions to share knowledge and add value. In a recent webinar organised by our team, alumni from the Reliance Foundation school shared an extensive guide on “how to prepare for competitive exams”. We believe that students can only enrich themselves when they receive such first-hand experience from their notable alumni. 

5. Facilitate Internships and Job Opportunities

While studying the most important question that arises in a student’s mind is what are the career opportunities for this particular field that I’m currently pursuing, will I be able to find good internships while studying to get some first-hand experience, are there gonna be big companies that hire from this field, is there any way I can get a job abroad with this degree? etc, etc. 

Alumni play an important role here giving the right answers to the most discussed “questions to ask alumni about their career”. We let the seniors ease the youngsters’ minds by answering questions which are mostly about internships, jobs & career opportunities. 

Univariety’s Unique Approach to Alumni Impact: 

Univariety has identified the importance of alumni impact not just to boost the institutions’ admission rate but to help students get relevant guidance from the best source, here’s some of the approaches Univariety has taken to make this process smoother: 

  • Univariety utilizes advanced technology to stay connected with ex-students.
  • Alumni are engaged through online platforms, webinars, and virtual networking events.
  • Univariety tracks the impact of them through success stories, career advancements, and contributions to society.
  • Regularly evaluates the engagement and adjusts strategies to maximize impact.
  • We Showcase their success stories to inspire current students and strengthen the alumni network.

Let’s Conclude: 

It would be an understatement to say that the school’s ex-students enrich the experience for current students because they do much more than that. At Univariety, we make sure to highlight the importance of connections in a much-dedicated way that is beneficial to institutions as well as students. Join us on this journey & connect to learn more

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