A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

The real net worth of any school is the alumni. They are the direct reflection of the school’s values, teaching, and ideology. Effectively overseeing your alumni is crucial since they provide validation and comprehensive support to the school.

Alumni management is key to an institution’s growth and success. They are the only ones who can give a global experience to their juniors and carry the vision and ideology of the institution. They can guide, empower and help students to chalk their own careers with the experience and knowledge they have. Alumni Management is being able to consolidate the complete alumni details in one place and connect them with schools and students for increased engagement. 

While we know how much you strive for school success, it is important to know your Alumni care too. Alumni offer a wealth of experience about their career progress and paths along with their educational impact that can prove to be an invaluable asset to schools during admissions in connecting with prospective students.

How does Alumni Management improve school success?

Involving Alumni and actively engaging them in school and student activities have a multifold impact-

  • Better Academic Scores in Board Examinations 

Alumni guidance can prove fruitful in advising juniors on the board exams and how to ace them. This first-hand knowledge will help them chalk out their exam strategies. 

  • Better College Admissions in India and abroad

With alumni guidance, students can receive updates from their seniors regarding the college admissions and application process. This will help them gain insights into the college options, required academic and non-academic profiles and course structure.

  • Builds on credibility and goodwill 

An alumni management and engagement practice will add credibility to the school and build its brand value. It puts the school on the list of India’s progressive schools that use a guided, comprehensive alumni management platform.

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The Best Alumni Guidance System for Your School (to be revised)

In the Latest 2019 Survey conducted by Univariety, 63% of India’s Top educators emphasized on the importance of Alumni Management and alumni relations. So, adopting the best alumni guidance system on campus is pivotal to school success.

One of India’s best alumni systems provides world-class features that are critical in leveraging the power of the alumni network. Some of the features are-


Students can directly view various alumni profiles on the platform & draw critical insight from alumni profiles. This will help them chart their own career trajectory. 


Students can digitally connect with their seniors through the platform and ask them questions. This will help them gain first-hand guidance from the school’s alumni network to make career or college-related decisions.


Students can view alumni journeys through case studies and videos to gain an in-depth understanding of the decision-making processes for careers, countries, courses, and colleges.

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