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Before we deep dive into the process of stream selection and how it is important, let’s start with an example. 

Imagine that you were asked to make a specific kind of cake. A chocolate cake. Even though you don’t know exactly how to make it, you start, with some help. However, midway through the cake, in a hurry, you realised that you didn’t add enough sugar. Now the cake that you made is a chocolate cake, but bland. 

Now, let’s go back to the topic. The cake is your career, and the sugar is your research. Without adequate research and understanding, your career is just like the cake, bland. 

So how do you make your career like the best chocolate cake you’ve ever had? By knowing the exact ingredients you need. 

This is where Stream Selection comes in. The secret ingredient to making the perfect cake!

What is Stream Selection?

We ran some numbers. According to the statistics, around 6 out of 10 students change their career stream after 12th grade. 


Lack of interest, connection, and vision in the future. 

Stream selection is the answer to all of this. A simple psychometric questionnaire-based test that helps you understand yourself. More importantly, it helps you identify the subjects and streams that would be your perfect fit.

The test is curated to be highly personalised, understanding your interests, skills, and aptitude through Multiple Choice Questions. Once answered, the report will showcase where you can excel, according to which, you can choose your stream and your career

How does stream selection help in your career journey?

Cuts down the post-10th grade confusion

Among the many questions that bother students, the most important one is – 

“What do I choose after 10th grade?”

A stream selection test helps you recognise your strengths and weaknesses, based on your preferences and answers to the questions. You can also understand where your interests lie so that you can choose a stream that excites you, challenges you, and be the one that you see a future. (Sounds a lot like love, doesn’t it?)

Offering clarity in the stream selection process helps reduce stress and provides a clear path in your career journey.

Offers you a detailed report of YOU

When you take a stream selection test, the questions that you answer will bring out in some ways your preferred learning style, your personality, likes and dislikes, along your interests.

With this, you get better clarity on which stream would be best suited for you. More importantly, among the options best suited for you, you can pick and choose what you’re most interested in. This can serve as a basic foundation for your career journey. 

If you are unable to understand the report that is the result of the stream selector test, you can always opt for a career guidance session with our expert counsellors. They can guide you the best and show you the right way forward.

Gives you an overview of the different streams

Coming to the most important aspect of stream selection, offers you a detailed overview of the many available streams in the world. 

If you are interested in Science, Humanities or Commerce, it provides a list of streams and courses that you can pursue depending on your interests. 

What’s more? This helps in understanding your career journey and opens a lot of opportunities for what you can do after your higher secondary education. 

Choosing a stream is never easy, especially now, compared to before. You might say that it used to be easy before since the number of streams was less, so the confusion was less. However, today, with the many streams available all over the world, of course, the confusion is higher, but so is the scope. 

Most students or parents don’t know the many subjects, streams, or careers that exist today. This is the gap that stream selection bridges. If you wish to know more about the stream selection test, you can book a 30-minute session with our expert counsellors! 

Aditya is a Marketing Manager at Univariety. He loves writing about anything and everything. With a passion for writing and his vision to help students with their education, he wishes to see a better future for them. Aditya loves sports, reading, and photography.

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