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Why do we keep talking about alumni? Why is alumni engagement important for your school? What is the value of an Alumni Impact Program on your school’s brand? These are a few questions we are asked constantly.

Well then, to find the answer to these questions – let’s experiment. Think of the top business leaders of the world and google their names. Once you do, this is what you’ll find –

Notable Alumni

Isn’t it ironic that every time you search for the profiles of any business leader in the world, you find their alma mater college? Universities and colleges highlight such alumni with pride and make it a selling point for their brand. It hardly matters whether they spent four years, one year, or merely a semester before dropping out. If you think of Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, you automatically think of Harvard.

But what about their schools? From where they didn’t drop out and spent their formative years learning and becoming the leaders they are today. Why do we not know more about them?

It is because once students walk out of their school gates after graduation – they lose contact with their teachers, classmates, and school. It happens gradually but everyone gets caught up in their life. And then one fine morning decades later they will get an invite for a reunion. Some will attend, and many won’t. That’s it. That is all the interaction they have with schools that served as their second homes all their formative years!

Looking at all the fun that colleges are having with their alumni, don’t you think schools should have their time in the limelight? We thought so too!

After a lot of research, planning, and hard work, we have created a platform for you to bring your alumni back into the fold.

Univariety Alumni impact program
Univariety Alumni Impact Program

Univariety’s Alumni Impact Program

We have unveiled the new face of the Alumni Guidance System – the Alumni Impact Program. It is a program dedicated to Alumni Networking, Engagement, and Guidance.

Alumni Networking

Did you know parents looking for admission into a school are 70% more likely to make their decisions based on the words of the school’s alumni than the school’s marketing message?

Now imagine how great the impact will be if you could use your alumni’s words in your marketing message!

Your school’s alumni are one of your greatest assets. Their achievements and success stories are a reflection of your school’s excellence in holistic education. Once their names are associated with your school’s brand you’ll be forever linked with their successes. Parents today look at outcomes while seeking admission for their child, and not at the facilities that are usually highlighted as part of school marketing campaigns. Your alumni are your outcomes. How you utilize them can make a world of difference.

Yet, this will only happen if you have kept track of what your alumni are up to. Under Alumni Impact Program you’ll be able to once again connect with alumni who graduated years ago. You can see how their lives and career journeys have panned out and be a witness to their achievements. You can share and celebrate their stories and be a part of their success.

Alumni Engagement

The importance of alumni is not lost on schools and many do try to build a network through social media and other channels. Many also organize events like reunions. Yet, sustaining an alumni network after building it is not easy and often fails. This is because schools often treat alumni engagement as a one-time event and not a continuous process.

This is where the Alumni Impact Program makes a difference. It brings within a master plan to perfect the alumni engagement strategies for your school. From regular emails and newsletters to keeping alumni updated, there are alumni events, workshops, L&D courses that alumni can use and guidance and support that will help in their current job roles and/or higher education.

Take a look at how Ryan International hosted India’s largest school alumni networking event. 

Alumni Guidance

Your school’s alumni more than anything are a source of knowledge that can benefit your current student. Be it to provide students with information about career choices or help them with college admission, alumni can play an important role as mentors and guides. More often than not, students listen to and aspire to be like their seniors. Alumni can be inspirational role models for students who are currently going through the same confusion they faced a few years back.

With the Alumni Impact Program, your school’s students can connect with a vast network of alumni and take their valuable advice.

Alumni Impact Program – A Vision

Most alumni systems don’t work because institutions think from their own point of view.  However, the ‘Alumni Impact Program’ is designed so that alumni of different age groups get enough value and therefore contribute.  This program helps the school to showcase the achievements of alumni and market itself better.

With the Alumni Impact Program, Univariety aims to connect the four pillars – Students, Schools, Alumni, and Universities; who are interdependent on each other’s success.

Interested in knowing more about the Alumni Impact Program?

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