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In a classroom of 50, there are roughly 3 categories of students during the distribution of exam results. First, the ones who humbly wish to cut, and second who are anxious about the impact of the one question that they got wrong. And the calm and confident third. In general, 14 Habits will help you across all spheres of life in general, not just your semester exams. 

Just like the corner-eyed admiration of the first 2 categories of people, our focus is on that third category of students who casually walk up and bag their 95% in. It is as if it were a daily routine. It is a daily routine. Quite literally! No, not the result part, but the habits that lead to it. Over and over again.

So, the habits of toppers! What are those habits in particular then?

Now, let us go through these habits of toppers one by one so that we can understand and gradually inculcate them.

The 14 Habits of Toppers You Should Try To Adopt

1. Completing All Your Homework Is Not Important 

Homework is a good way to practice what you learnt. However, the long hours invested in completing it could be used more productively. It is up to you to decide which part needs most of your attention and which does not.  


google everything

It is the year 2020. Gone are the days when we used to limit our learning only through textbooks and lectures. Google literally everything and anything that pops up in your head as a question. When you start doing that, you by default create your own comprehension of the data you learn about. A wholesome learning experience!

3. Test Yourself 

When you learn new information, putting yourself to the test on various aspects of the data helps you understand it more intricately. Keep quizzing yourself to make sure you’ve learned the info.

4. Sprint Study Sessions Over Long Marathons

A short burst of high focus is as capable of understanding and learning a given piece of information as a long study session. The difference, it doesn’t tire your brain out as compared to an hours-long tedious session.

So, why not take an approach that improves the efficiency of your brain?

Divide your study time into short efficient sessions at your convenience to make the most out of them.

Master the Art Of Time Management

5. Re-approach Solved Problems

To understand this habit of toppers, let us go through an example.

Read the following 2 points:

  1. C.V. Raman discovered the Scattering Of Light phenomenon.
  2. Who was C.V Raman?

Upon reading scenario 1, you process the information and remember it that way itself.

Scenario 2 however, has a different kind of impact together. When you try to think of the answer you go through a lot of information in your head. When you finally figure out the specific answer, you discover the gaps between the question and your knowledge, thereby attempting to bridge them.

6. Practice Proper Night Sleep

After an intensive training session, it is common for elite athletes to get a long and proper night’s sleep. This enables their body and mind to absorb the training, at the same time preparing for the upcoming training session. 

Study in short multiple sessions, and when you are satisfied with your efforts ensure to have a proper night’s sleep.

7. Focus On The Mistakes You Made

Did you score high? Great!

Now, instead of thinking about the stuff you got right, focus your attention on the mistakes you made. This will help you edge out your shortcomings. 

A habit of toppers which proves crucial in the long run.

8. Busy As A Bee With Side Projects

Indulge yourself in extracurricular activities and programs. Sports are one of the most popular options. 

On the other hand, Summer Programs every year are the best options at hand.  New skills learnt during this time of the year prove to be significantly useful when it comes to choosing the right career options in the future.

Talk To Our Experts About The Summer Programs This Coming Year

9. Do Not Wait For Motivation

The practice of the best is to put in effort even on the worst of days. One cannot wait for motivation. Even if the results aren’t grand that very day, what matters is the efforts you put in.

10. Use The Old Exams

Going through various exam papers from the previous year can help you find out a pattern. A pattern that gives away the important questions for the paper.

11. Make Your Own Study Guides

Preparing your own study guides helps you in every way possible. To start with, you revise everything you have studied. Secondly, you can refer to your own notes, understanding them later on is a cakewalk.

12. Using The 80/20 Rule

This particular habit of toppers is inspired. The concept is to figure out 20% of the knowledge you need to intake in order to score 80% of your grades. The other 80% you can just refer to for familiarity purposes.

Extensive research on your subjects will easily help you figure this out.

A habit of the toppers indeed!

13. Ignore What’s Not Important and Learn By Doing

Amongst the many habits of toppers is the one to not get stuck at a point of failure or make excuses about it. A quality that is developed over time with realisation. If a situation can be influenced by your actions and actions only, do whatever is necessary, learn the lesson, and bookmark the experience.

14. Make Your Education ‘Your’ Responsibility

The realisation of the fact that your education is your responsibility and the absence or presence of it will impact your life only, is what is deeply imbibed in all habits of toppers.

Schools and teachers can only do as much as guide you, in the end, it’s your journey to complete.

There it is! The 14 habits of toppers that you need to start practising today in order for you to eventually make winning a daily routine. 

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