A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

Many times students finish their high school, grab admission at a top university and forget their beginnings at school. Or some, still stuck in a time warp, keep thinking of their good old days (singing good morning wishes to your teacher, finishing your friend’s tiffin in a jiffy and what not!) without knowing how they can still be an active part of their school network.

If it weren’t for your school, today you would have had fewer options to choose from at building a career. So what’s the best way to show your school pride? The answer is as simple as this: Go visit your school today and be a part of the alumni network!

Actively engaged alumni are an essential component at any thriving institution. Without students and alumni, it’s difficult for any institution to sustain for long (which is more of a reason why you should consider giving back to your school).

Here are five facts about alumni networks which we think are reasons enough to be a part of your school alumni:

1. Who doesn’t love some nostalgia?

Aren’t you eager to know what your favourite teacher from Class 8 is now up to? Or that friend whom you still cannot find on social media? An alumni meet is a great way to walk down the memory lane and pick things up from where you had left years ago.

2.  Give back to your school:

Aren’t we all grateful for the valuable education we have received from our schools? Staying in touch with your school is a great way to continue to be a part of that valuable education you received. Donate generously. Maybe start a book club (you can bring along all those novels that you read as a kid hiding under your bedsheet!). Or mentor the current students and let them know why it isn’t as tough as they think it is to get admission in their dream college.

3. Boost your professional network:

Isn’t it amazing to connect with peers who share the same work woes as yours or are looking to jump ships in their careers? Or still better, a friend who is studying in the university where you wish to pursue your masters? Alumni networks help you get in touch with people working across platforms and build a robust professional network.

4. Increase the value of your alma mater:

Did you know that alumni networks are a major criterion when it comes to ranking a school/college? Yes, alumni matters a lot when it comes to maintaining an educational institution’s overall repute. Be a member of your alumni association and help build a larger network which in turn can increase the value of the degree you hold. 

5. Turn a mentor for students:

Didn’t you appreciate the help which you had received from your seniors in Class 10 or 12? And wouldn’t it be just great to return the same to the students who are in the position which you once occupied? Of course. Hold talks, support a club or donate in terms of money. Whatever it may be, just be assured that it is going to bring a big smile on the faces of many!

Show pride in your education. Talk about your alma mater to your friends in college or maybe to your kids. Let your school and your teachers know how much they have helped you in becoming the person you are today. And alumni support is very essential in keeping this pride alive!

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