A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

School provides foundation

A foundation to hone your learning, values, skills, and knowledge and implement them in real-life situations.

From knowledge in classroom sessions, to learning life skills on the playground, your school has been instrumental in making you the person you are today.

With everything that your school has contributed, don’t you think it’s time to take a trip down the memory lane?

Give back to your school that made you what you are?

Here are 5 ways in which you can extend a helping hand to your school!

Be Proactive

  1. Every organization thrives on new ideas and new initiatives the same goes for your school alumni network that has a pan nation presence. You can enroll in the alumni association local chapter and contribute some new ideas that may improve the activities.
  2. This is a great way to be a part of the club and also strengthen your profile with a strong network. If you have any qualms of not able to take up an active role, don’t worry. Participation is the key and it’s the start of a new journey to your alma mater.

    Rope in other alumni

  1. One person can’t take up an entire load of alumni club. So you need many like-minded individuals to take the activities forward. Leverage your social media channels and friend networks to rope in more alumni to the network. 

Play the mentor

As an alumni, you can visit your alma mater and conduct sessions for your juniors. This helps them gain practical insights and also instills a guidance mechanism in the school. You can plan sessions on diverse topics and share your experiences that add value to their learning. 

  1. The Unofficial Recruiter

  2. Your school is a storehouse of talent. When it comes to picking the right talent for an internship, your school can double up as a recruitment ground. Many global universities are looking beyond academics and they appreciate a student profile with some internship experience. You can plan an internship for your juniors at school and increase their learning curve with real-world experience.
  1. The Art of Giving

  2. They say charity begins at home and you can extend the thought and give something to your school. They can be books for your school library, gift vouchers from your brand or company, even conducting various interactive sessions on different topics that brings knowledge and adds fun for your juniors. The gift may or may not be tangible but can make a big difference to your school’s value system

So, it’s time to pay it forward. Everything you give it back to your school it will fetch you in a long way. The smiles you add to your juniors speak volumes about your sense of belonging to your school. 

Being involved with your school will connect you back to a powerful network, increase the value of your degree, and enhance the future of the next generation—and that is no small thing!


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