A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

For many of the superstars we watch routinely on screen, a whole collection of factors would have worked together to lead them to where they are today. And for a significant portion of these stars, a good education was one of the factors.

Take a look at some of the most successful figures of the film industry, who prove that a college education is important.

Now we’re going a step beyond. We’re taking a look at those movie stars who went back to college to get a degree AFTER they were famous. Sometimes you might be standing in the middle of the utmost success, but you feel that things are not complete. You believe that there’s still scope for personal growth and improved skills to help you make the most of opportunities. That’s probably what these superstars felt. And they went back to college to complete their education, after which they graduated as wiser and more capable individuals.

The bottom line is that having a college degree in hand could be the exact thing you need to really express your intellect and amplify your talent. Here are some of the famous stars that went back to college even after achieving stardom:

James Franco

Here’s one thing we waited to tell you about James Franco. He actually got his degrees from UCLA, Columbia University, NYU Brooklyn College, and Warren Wilson after he became an actor. To be exact, he went back to education 4 years after his role as Harry Osborn in Spiderman (2004) hit the big screen. Prior to this, he dropped out of college years before in his freshman year to pursue his acting dream. Later, James Franco exchanged his ‘college drop-out’ status for a handful of university degrees.

Emma Watson

You probably spent a fair amount of your childhood watching the clever and intelligent Hermione Granger swish around her wand and fight evil in the Harry Potter series. Interestingly, Emma Watson who gave life to that character practically grew up on the sets of Harry Potter and got hold of stardom. And then she went on to attain her bachelor’s degree in English literature from the prestigious Brown University.

Mayim Bialik

Super-smart Amy from The Big Bang Theory is actually super-smart Mayim Bialik in real life. She spent her teenage years starring in a successful show called Blossom, before which she had several appearances on screen. But instead of diving further into acting, she challenged herself academically and went on to UCLA. She spent seven years of her life researching special needs adolescents and even has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. So, when she spurts science stuff on The Big Bang Theory, she is probably one of the few people on the set who understands the complete fundamentals behind it.

Steven Spielberg

We thought of adding a mastermind film director into the mix. And who can fit the spot better than the Academy Award-winning director, Steven Spielberg? Around three decades after he began marking his name in the history of Hollywood filmmaking, Steven Spielberg made sure he got his BA degree from California State University. Now that’s what we call a real blockbuster in terms of showing the importance of completing your education and fulfilling your college dreams.

Monika Bakshi

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