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The term ‘Psychometric Test’ is thrown around a lot whenever there’s a discussion about career counselling. But very few people are actually aware of what these psychometric tests are and their importance.

So let’s understand them a little better, shall we?

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What are Psychometric Tests?

The word ‘Psychometric’ is derived from two words ‘Psyche’ which means ‘mind’ and ‘metric’ which means ‘measurement’. Psychometric Tests are scientifically designed assessment modules that are used to measure your personality, interests, learning styles, etc. They help students be aware of their already existing interests, personality, and aptitude and accordingly choose the right career at the right time.

Why Are Psychometric Tests So Important in Career Counselling?

Every morning, when you scroll down your social media feed, you will find at least a couple of posts, ads, stories, or reels that will tell you to ‘Be Yourself’. A piece of wise advice! Certainly brings in a positive change in how you perceive yourself. But to ‘Be Yourself’, you need to ‘Know Thyself’ first.

Too few of us take the time to introspect and assess our strengths and weaknesses. Least of all adolescent students, who are already confused by the school, entrance exams, college admissions, etc. But it is at this very stage that a student needs to know who they are because their career decision depends on it. And that is why in career counselling a student is given psychometric tests.

It helps them assess their strengths and weaknesses, their interests, their personalities, their learning style, and their intelligence type. It gives them a complete, unbiased report of who they are. This in turn helps them navigate the multitude of career options they have and decide what the right match for them is. 

3 Psychometric Tests That a Student Must Know About

Personality Type Test

Each one of us has our own natural predisposition, right? Introvert, extrovert, shy, chatter-box, happy-go-lucky, morbidly existential, there are so many adjectives we use to describe people with specific temperaments. Now imagine a test scientifically designed to assess your personality, not based on biased impressions, but taking into account how you think and act in specific situations. That is exactly what a personality-type psychometric test does.

Personality type tests provide students with a questionnaire and assess four-letter personality codes from the sixteen personality types that exist. Based on the student’s personality – it suggests a list of career options that are ideally suited for them.

Myers-Briggs Personality Indicators 

What Does Your Personality Say About Your Ideal Career Option?

Multiple Intelligence Test

Intelligence – it is one of the most used adjectives for students, sometimes as a compliment, often as a comparison. But exactly is intelligence and how do we measure it? Is it the ability to memorize a lot of information? Is it the ability to solve a lot of mathematical problems? Is it scoring the highest mark in class?

While it is true that in everyday life we take these characteristics as markers of intelligence, it isn’t accurate. And neither is taking an IQ test because those tests rely a lot only on logical and analytical skills.

Today, when we talk about intelligence it includes more than one type. Multiple intelligences exist and a person can have a combination of them.

The multiple-intelligence psychometric test assesses a student’s intelligence in 10 different markers:

  • Visual/Spatial Intelligence
  • Linguistic/Verbal Intelligence
  • Logical/Mathematical Intelligence
  • Bodily/Kinaesthetic Intelligence
  • Musical Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Intelligence
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence
  • Naturalistic Intelligence
  • Existential Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence

At the end of this psychometric test, a student will get a detailed report with an analysis of all 10 intelligence markers. It will also give pointers on how to improve in certain areas and what career choices are best suited for their intelligence type.

What is Your Intelligence Type?

Learning Style Test

When it comes to students and learning, historically we have relied on reading and writing as the only learning style. But in the past 10 years, the awareness surrounding different learning styles and adopting them in classrooms is rising. Especially with the growth of virtual classrooms and eLearning, students now have the luxury of exploring different learning styles.

Now that they have the option, students can assess which senses they rely on the most while learning. This psychometric test will help them know their preferred learning style and how they can leverage it as their strength.

Find Out What Your Learning Style Is

These 3 psychometric tests are among the bare minimum of what a high school student should take before deciding on a career. There are more niche psychometric tests that help students at every step of their journey to find and decide on a career.

At Univariety, alongside personality assessment, multiple intelligence, and learning style, we also offer psychometric tests like stream selector (for class 10th students), a subject selector (for students who have decided on a particular stream), humanities branch selector test, commerce branch selector test, and engineering branch selector test.

Together they help students find their ideal careers!

So what’s your career plan?

Find Your Ideal Career Today!

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