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Is career counselling really necessary for students?

Let’s take a tour of our current scenarios and deduce the answer to the above question.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought disruption to all sectors of the economy and education is one of them. And during these times we witnessed the digital learning world completely replace traditional offline learning. As a result, the communication gap between students and teachers has become more and more prominent. 

Although the inflation of marks is at an all-time high (board results): most students will be passing school without the presence of significant real-life skills. The other side of the coin is that the students who didn’t bag a 90+ score have lost a significant amount of interest in online education. 

So, yes, at this time of the hour, providing students with ideal career ideas and guidance is an absolute necessity. Not later, but now, while they are still in their respective schools.

 Career Counselling In Schools: Current Scenario

India tops the charts when it comes to the student population in the world. Roundabout 300 million. And, don’t be surprised, matching that mammoth number of students is the availability of career opportunities. 

However, here’s the catch, 90% of these jobs require a specific set of skills and expertise for which scoring 90% or even 99% isn’t enough. Additionally, there are reservations from Indian parents when it comes to their kids entering into anything that’s not Engineering or Medicine. All of this adds up to a student missing out on a career path in which they can truly achieve greatness. And they end up in a rat race of which they never even wanted to be a part of.

It’s no news that today an overwhelming number of engineers are unemployed, and many doctors are really poor professionals. And, who can say that these very students wouldn’t have done great in some other field? Only if someone had guided them when it mattered the most.

Enter the importance of career counselling.

There are several points to take note of when it comes to career counselling in schools. To be honest, even today the prime focus of schools is on academic knowledge and exams. A process that has been there since time itself. 

The only thing in education that is in sync with the current tech-dominated world is the virtual classroom. Not much of anything else really.

It’s about time we realised that career counselling is in no way a luxury anymore. A luxury that only international schools feature in their glossy brochures. 

If the quest of our education is for a better future tomorrow, we need to stop testing a fish’s potential by its ability to climb a tree.

Career counselling is not rocket science, but just letting the fish discover that it belongs in the sea via ‘self- realization’ and ‘self-discovery’. Aiding them to choose a career and simultaneously a life filled with purpose.

Guiding The Fish To The Sea With Career Counselling

Irrespective of the name and location, every school needs career counselling. Yes, some might say career counselling is needed before entering into the professional world. But, imagine the potential one might reach when his/her purpose is crystal clear while still in the making. And not, the other way around when it could already be too late.

When I say still in the making, I am talking about students of higher grades on the verge of selecting a specialization or stream.

As the selection spell is irreversible, even for our very own Albus Dumbledore, it is crucial to make the perfect call. The correct guidance at the correct time can do wonders. 

For a deeper understanding of the impact that career counselling has on students, let us go through some key pointers:

Firm Decision Making

Self-discovery and self-realization are the founding stones of career counselling and guidance process. This involves:

  • Making students experience their most preferred career options
  • Mapping out the pros and cons of the fields based on their experience
  • Preparing the final shortlist
  • Discussing career options with the counsellor in the presence of parents

The above process ensures that there is no hint of doubt in the student’s or the parent’s mind while making the final decision.

Job Satisfaction

When a student is 100% confident about his/her career choice, the sky’s the limit. The outcome ensures that the professionals of tomorrow are 100% satisfied with their contribution to society, and country/world economy.

Putting One’s Abilities To The Right Use

If one plays on his/her strengths and is aware of weaknesses that need to be worked upon, not many things remain that can go wrong.

And as I mentioned earlier, the very foundation of career counselling is its exclusivity for each and every student. It is built on the core strengths of every individual. Hence, making sure that only the best abilities of the individual are put into play. Along with working on the relevant weaknesses simultaneously.

Finding The Best Career Counsellor For Students

The right counsellor can help a student unleash in true potential and breakthrough any given barrier.

Super emphasis on the word ‘right’.

So it is necessary that before you approach a counsellor for career counselling, you make a thorough background check. At least until career counselling becomes a part of the regular school curriculum. My advice, don’t wait, because time won’t.

Reach Out To Your Network

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Social Media

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