A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

“Avengers Assemble!”.

We were all at the edge of our seats when our favorite captain gave the above command! Filled with a spine-tingling pride, hoping to one day deliver something on similar lines to our teams.

And, in order to have such a hold on your audience, you need to learn and gradually develop your “Public Speaking Skills”. 

 Now that the final vision is clear, it goes unsaid that the practice of inculcating and developing public speaking skills, in general, goes a really long way.

So, diving into the concept of public speaking, let us understand what exactly the term means and why it is important to develop public speaking skills.

Public speaking

The concept of speaking to a group of people, small or large, is what the very name gives away. The part that matters is your efficiency to convey the message to your audience, and the audience then being motivated enough to embrace your idea.

Why Developing Public Speaking Skills Is Important?

Sooner or later, at one stage of life, we all have to address a group of people. And on one great occasion, the opportunity to win the confidence of the crowd can be life changing.

All the reason why working on your public speaking skills is such a crucial routine. 

Because a habit is inculcated early on, becomes an asset in the future.

Begin Today!

How To Prepare For A Public Speaking Activity?

When it comes to honing your public speaking skills, I would highly recommend preparation as homework. Why because in the art of public speaking, the interaction between the Speaker and the Audience is as good as hardly any. 

So, your preparation has to have the road-map of all the possible questions that might arise amongst the audience. Then the answers to it.

Let us go through a chronological order of processes to follow while preparing for a public speaking activity.

1. Ideation

Easily the most important process!

The foundation of your entire speech, on and around which your entire message is going to be based upon. So, it better be right on the bull’s eye!

Spend as much time as you possibly can on researching the subject of your speech, and then choosing which aspect you are going to target along with the ‘how’.  

Once you have your idea right, half your job is done.

2. Structurization

Now that you have your idea sorted, it is time to add structure to your idea. Basically a speech is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

You can start by adding some humor, quirkiness, or question to your introduction. The intent is to catch the attention of your audience with the opening line of your speech.

Guide them gradually through the body of your topic, and at the end provide them with a conclusion to ponder about.

3. Body Language

While delivering your idea to the audience, your body language does 50% of the communication. 

Maintaining a confident posture throughout your speech along with necessary hand gestures keeps the attention of your audience bound. 

4. The Flow

As important it is to not stammer while delivering your speech, it is also crucial to introduce necessary pauses in your speech.

Pauses can follow after you put forward key phrases, a question, or a quote in order to allow some time for your audience to comprehend the very idea of it. Thus, painting a picture in their imagination.

Things To Keep In Check While Preparing For A Public Speaking Activity

By now we have learned about the important things to follow when it comes to preparing for a public speaking activity. 

Let us have a look at the other side of the coin. Like in all processes, there are certain things to keep in check, and quite importantly too.

1. Lack Of Confidence

It is crucial to learn to be sturdy and brisk while standing on the podium and delivering your speech. Remember, the aim is to motivate the audience to believe in your ideas and opinions. And, for that to happen it is essential for the audience to see how much do you yourself believe in them.

2. Speaking Too Fast

I understand the time allotted to speak is limited. But that in no way can mean that you rush with your speech just to complete it. 

There are no points for that!

Make sure you have the necessary pauses after key phrases. If at all the time doesn’t permit to cover the topic entirely, skim out the important points that will convey your idea to the audience.

3. Long Content

The length of your content has nothing to do with the quality of your speech. In fact, long content generally drives away the attention of audience members. 

Keep your content short and to the point with the necessary wit uniformly distributed.

4. Too Much Body Language

Avoid using too many physical movements while addressing the audience. The goal is to keep your movements confident and sturdy, backing them with your speech content.


That’s all you need to know about the DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to developing public speaking skills. 

It’s time to start delivering the speeches!


The best way to start practicing public speaking is by performing it in front of Friends, Parents, and Teachers and take in their feedback. Another way is to video record yourself while practicing speeches and make the necessary changes required with multiple iterations.

Once you have the confidence of performing in front of friends and family, you can always enroll for professional guidance.

Univariety along with Chatterbox helps you learn the confidence to build a strong body language with Masterclass in Public Speaking (Chatterbox Advantage). The way you conduct yourself on stage, how to move, your gestures, and simply the confident aura to carry yourself when presenting yourself on a forum. 

The simple gesture of running your hand through your hair if not done right lets the audience know you are nervous, we simply teach you the right way to do it, and in style! So come learn with the best to bring out nothing but the best in you.

Take Me There!

Got a query? Write to us at guideme@univariety.com or just book a session and our expert counselor will reach out to you.

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