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Do you shake your head from left to right whenever your parents mention engineering or medicine? Do the letters MBA or LLB not really spark excitement in you? Then maybe the conventional career paths are not right for you.

What you need is a dose of something different, unusual, fun and exciting. Something offbeat. We’re giving you a run-down of 5 career paths that are exactly that. And they’re growing in demand.

Read on and give these a serious thought.

5 Off-the-beat Career Paths You Must Know About

  1. Voiceover Artists

An on-screen character is incomplete without the flavour in his/her voice, which is created by the talent of a voice-over artist. You can lend your voice to television serials, advertisements, commercial films, audiobooks, e-learning material, radio spots and jingles, and other forms of media content. Does it sound like an interesting career path for you?

Focus on

  • Language proficiency – To master the language you would like to give voiceovers in. More languages = more opportunities.  
  • Performance and characterization – To dramatize and add depth to the character.
  • Voice control – Understand the pitch, volume and degrees of tonality of your voice, and how they can be altered to suit the role.
  • Reading – To confidently and quickly read run-on sentences. This comes handy when you’re giving voice overs for audiobooks or corporate documentaries that have dozens of text-heavy pages.
  1. Bloggers

Creating a blog isn’t just about self-expression. It’s about streamlining your passion and adapting it to the online, knowledge-sharing sphere. And the subject depends solely on what gets your interest levels kicking, whether it’s travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, technology, cars, bikes or literature. Your blog can be on absolutely anything you love!

If you consider words as your weapon, blogging can be an ideal career path for you. 

Focus on

  • Content writing – To create blogs that are not just pieces of information, but impactful and engaging content that offers value to readers.
  • Leveraging the power of social media – To generate buzz, create conversations with your audience and stay connected with your readers.
  • Digital Marketing – To increase the visibility of your blog to your target audience.
  • Photography/Videography – To extend the nature of your content. Images and videos are known to be widely accepted and effective formats of content.  
  1. Game Designers

The gaming industry is here to stay, and if you want your video game craze to be a part of it, then consider being a video game designer as your career path. Your job role can include responsibilities like crafting the concept and plot of a game, all the way up to designing the user interface.

Focus on

  • Creativity – To invent new storylines for games in unique and interactive manners.
  • Software skills – To be skilled in computer-generated imaging and development of graphics.
  • Industry-awareness – To stay updated with what’s trending in the gaming industry, and understand what sells to different audiences.
  1. Flavourist

Food-lovers, this one’s especially for you! Become a flavourist and you will be equipped with all there is to know about tastes, balance, flavour formulas and little details about the infinite world of flavouring. Once you’ve accumulated the required knowledge with the right degree, you will be able to conduct research, recreate flavours and even create new ones! If you’ve got the palate of connoisseur, flavourist can be an ideal career path for you. 

Focus on

  • Deepening your love for research – To be able to conduct experiments involving the creation of flavour formulas. Be prepared to spend your work hours in a laboratory as well.
  • Sense of taste and smell – To understand which components will match.  
  1. Ethical Hackers

By becoming an ethical hacker, you are in a way becoming the protector of a digital system. It would be your responsibility to try and counter the security of a system and find gaps in the application or software. By fixing these gaps, the system will be able to strengthen its wall of security so that other hackers with ulterior motives (basically the villains who want to steal or manipulate information) can be kept out.  

Focus on:

  • Analytical and critical thinking – To identify loopholes in the system, and be one step ahead of external hackers who can pose a threat to the system.
  • Communication skills – To be able to interact well with managers of the system so that the areas that need improvement can be communicated to them effectively, and then corrected.
  • Attention to detail – To ensure that every little aspect of the system’s security combines to form a tightly bound wall because defending the system lies in your hands.


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