A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

Every summer has a story. Make this one a success story for yourself. Did you know that in today’s world, students are trying their level best to optimize their academic resumes with skill-building courses, experiences, and summer enrichment programs? As a college, you can reap enormous benefits when you organize a summer enrichment program.

Summer enrichment programs or summer schools provide students with authentic university experiences that they yearn for. A summer program benefits students with educational experiences that are not available to them within their normal schooling, which is why they’re gaining popularity!

As a university, you are in the perfect position to offer programs that provide students with a glimpse into their chosen careers, such as law or medicine. The length of a summer enrichment program usually ranges between 1 week to 6-week programs.

Lesser than 10% of the universities around the world, conduct summer enrichment programs!

Why Should You Offer a Summer Program?

Branding – You as a college get to build a personal relationship and create a lasting impression on the students who attend the summer program, which will in-turn kindle their interest in the regular programs that you offer. You also garner exposure for your college, build a strong network of professionals and schools.

Increased Enrollment Rates – Over our 5+ years of experience, we have noticed that the chances of a student accepting an admission offer from a college or a university, where they’ve previously attended a summer program, increases by over 30% as they’ve experienced life and education at your institution.

As experienced by Annapurna International School of Film and Media, India’s 1st private film and media school, 14% of the students who enrolled in their summer programs, were convinced of the institute’s potential and joined their full-time bachelors program.

Insights into Pedagogy – A summer program usually garners attendance from a mix of national and international students, from whom universities and colleges get an insight into various international curricula. These insights will, in turn, help you evolve your regular degrees and programs. You also understand the expectations that students have from a college education and get a glimpse of into the diversity of the approximate class mix of upcoming batches.

Revenue – On average, the fee to attend a 10-day summer program ranges between $3,000 and $4,500.

“Providing a high quality summer program can cost anywhere between $1,109 and $2,801 per child for a six-hour-per-day, five-week program” – Rand Education

Approach the introduction of summer programs with a plan in hand!

Here’s How You Can Get Started –

  • Identify the programs and the subjects that generate the highest interest among high school students.
  • Keep in mind when building your program(s), the skills and knowledge a student learns at a summer program should ideally equip them to perform better at college.
  • Partnerships can strengthen summer programs. You can partner with High Schools as well as eminent leaders in the industry to make the summer program au-courant.
  • Market your summer programs with an organized outreach plan that focuses on optimizing your school network and reaching the right set of students, so as to get maximum enrollments.

UNIVARIETY PRO TIP – Use your school connects and network to establish credibility. When their school recommends your program, the chance that a student will be interested in taking up your program will increase drastically!

Make summer magical not just for students, but, for you as an institution.

We work with over 200,000 students pan India and counsel them and help them achieve their dreams! To know more about our insights into how students shortlist colleges Click here.


Monika Bakshi

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