A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

Colleges are known to be serious and hectic with coursework, projects, exams, and extracurricular activities, and so on. In addition, your child is away from you in a brand NEW environment.

But don’t worry!

Leading colleges across the globe have been implementing Pre-College Summer Programs. With a Pre-College Summer Program, your child gets a chance to explore ‘How being at College is like’. It is one of the BEST ways through which your child can build his or her profile PLUS also get a chance to utilize free time in the most productive manner.

Some of the leading Universities across the Globe provide Pre-College Programs which your child can look forward to being a part of:

Global Universities offering Summer Programs
Global Universities offering Summer Programs

Summer Programs Benefits To Your Child:

  • Benefit 1: Gives an All Round College Experience:

Worried about how actual college life would be like for your child? It does get to the best of us. But, that’s OK! With Pre-College Summer Programs, your child gets to do the following without actually enrolling for a ‘Full Time’ College:

  1. Stay in College Dorms, have the first shot of independent living, and experience the hostel life!
  2. Get a ‘Demo’ of the real lectures, bonding with undergraduate students on campus, and the learning opportunities available on campus.
  • Benefit 2: Gives an Opportunity to meet new people

A pre-college program could potentially be your child’s one of the best-spent summer vacations ever. Through a summer program, your child will get an opportunity to make new friends and network with people of different cultures. Your child can connect with professors and tutors who could guide and provide references for the future.

  • Benefit 3: Preparation Time for Tests

Summers are an ideal time for your child to prepare for tests like SAT, ACT, etc. which would otherwise be difficult during the regular school year. One of the best ways through which your child can prepare for tests is by opting for a summer program. Some colleges offer test prep courses as a part of their summer program which helps your child get that EDGE in University admissions.

  • Benefit 4: Provides a New Perspective

Admission officers at leading Universities look for students who have profound experiences. A summer program is an effective way for your child to document an experience that could possibly help him or her in her Dream University. This can be facilitated through meeting new people, doing challenging tasks or interacting with a faculty member during the summer program.

  • Benefit 5: Keeps Mind Refreshed and Active

A summer program ensures that your child has an active and productive summer. It keeps your child in a learning mode which makes it easier to resume studies in the coming fall semester. He or she would remember the past classes more effectively and pick up the new knowledge more effectively.  

So what are you waiting for?

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Monika Bakshi

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