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Hey there! Irrespective of whether you could or couldn’t decode my message in the image above, ‘
welcome’ to our today’s read. 😉 I’m pretty sure you clicked on this blog for 3 reasons:

1. The thrill that comes with the concept of Hacking

2. To learn if Ethical Hacking is a real thing? If so, how legal is it?

3. The first reason alone

I mean why not? After all, hacking as a concept is the second most featured sequence in action movies after road chases. Think about it. 😀

And growing up we have all admired that one character always donning a black hoodie (do tell me if you know why), and chewing on a piece of gum.

In this article, we’ll learn everything you need to know about ethical hacking, both as a concept and a career. Along with answering some FAQs related to ethical hacking.

So without further adieu, let’s begin.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Starting with the basics.

Hacking in general means accessing a computer system without authorized access. Needless to say, it is illegal.

Ethical hacking on the other hand is hacking done with the consent of the system’s owner. Often done to protect the computer from vulnerabilities of multiple kinds.

Is it needed?

Well, today everything is on the internet. Education, banking, investment, air traffic control, telecommunications, and whatnot! Billions of gigabytes of data are being created every day, a large fraction of which is sensitive data. This data needs to be protected from unauthorized usage. Hence, emerges the significance of ethical hacking.

And that is to protect data from being accessed by people with malicious intents of any kind.

Now addressing the elephant in the room.

What exactly are the career prospects in ethical hacking?

Crimes related to computer hacking have always been on the rise. Even before 4G internet became a usual ‘pocket thing’. 

Thus, financial institutions, renowned companies, government organizations, have always had to protect their online data. Today, that necessity has multiplied 10-fold. 

Hence the demand for ethical hackers is at an all-time high, with no signs of the slightest of dips anywhere in the near or far future.

Companies need ethical hackers to detect security leaks and protect their data and functioning from potential vulnerabilities.

A survey by the International Data Corp shows that the demand for ethical hackers in India is to grow by over 77,000 in the coming few years. Globally the projection suggests a surge of 1,88,000.

Do you have a knack for technology?

A steady and planned career path starting today could very well pave your path to the biggest names in the corporate world like Google, IBM, Dell, etc. 

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A Career In Ethical Hacking- Things To Keep In Mind 

Firstly, for a career in ethical hacking, you need to have a degree in Computer Science or a related field. Along with that, a certification in Ethical Hacking to showcase your interest and participation in the field. 

Now, let’s go through the 4 basic preparatory steps that’ll help you in thinking like an ethical hacker.

Exploration: The “Footprinting and Information Gathering Phase”.  In this phase, you need to collect the maximum possible information on hosts, networks, and the people associated with them. These people would be your target audience with whom you can directly interact on social media, public platforms, etc.

Scanning: In this phase, you need to scan for data in open ports, multiple services running on hosts, live systems, etc. In the process you’ll learn to check for vulnerabilities that can be possibly exploited, designing network diagrams with the available data. This part of the process is generally done using automated software.

Access Gaining: The phase where the malicious hacker breaks into your system or network. This phase is where an attacker breaks into the system/network using various tools or methods.

Your aim is to maintain your access and complete your planned tasks. Ethical hackers generally use Trojans, Rootkits, or other dangerous files.

Track Cleaning: An established hacker leaves no evidence behind. To achieve anonymity you need to delete all your logs, uninstall all applications, and delete all the folders created in the process.

Ethical Hacking- FAQs
1. What is ethical hacking?

It is the process of gaining access to a system or a network with the owner’s permission. This is done to protect the network or system from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

2. How many types of hackers are there? What are they?

There are 3 types of hackers. White Hat hacker, Grey Hat hacker, and Black Hat hacker.

3. Is ethical hacking completely legal?

Yes, it is legal. Ethical hacking is done to protect a network or a system from malicious hackers.

4. From where can I learn ethical hacking?

You need to have a graduate degree in computer science/IT or any other related course, along with a specialization in ethical hacking.

  1. 5. Is ethical hacking a good career?

  2. Yes, it is one of the most in-demand careers in our current times.

6. How much does an ethical hacker earn?

A certified ethical hacker can earn up to 15 lacs per year.


If you already feel a career in ethical hacking is within your grasp, then the career is meant for you. A couple of good decisions with the right guidance will surely help you ace as a professional in the field.




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