A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

With the upcoming LokSabha elections loaded with political parties election manifestos promising better education for all, improved teacher training and autonomy of higher education institutions among a few, one is prompted to take a pause and reflect.

Is the Indian Education System Staring at a MEGA revamp? 

Congress manifesto

We took expert suggestions and came up with the Top 3 areas where the Indian education system can improve upon so as to place itself on the global map.

1. Shift from “Too much Focus on JUST Marks”

Almost everyone works towards a better future and the most direct way to ensure a brighter future is through Marks. Right? Not necessarily. But, the Indian education framework is focused entirely on building a student base that is tested on a common parameter based on rote learning. The examinations aren’t the best out there to test a student’s insight or concepts and thus, resulting in:

  • Increased Student Stress,
  • Lack of information on what the student excels at, and
  • Development of phenomena like psychological issues, student suicides, etc.

student success

There are hundreds of examples of students who aced competitive examinations and got into leading Universities across the world which took more than JUST marks.

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2.  Bringing in the ‘Practical Approach to Education’

Limited schools across the country are taking an initiative to go beyond the classrooms to impart education. This aspect includes bringing in the dynamism by implementing real learnings that prepare students for a life beyond the four walls of the school.  The Indian coursework limits the 360-degree development of a student by exposing them to only a few elements of education.

The Indian education system should consider incorporating the following aspects of guidance into the system to give students the critical guidance that they are missing out on: 

Image Caption: Gaurav, a Grade 9 student of Oakridge International School, Gachibowli working as a Summer Intern at Univariety
  • Internship Experiences: This gives an edge to students by understanding what they are good at, how they can work of translating a dream career to reality, and build critical skills along the way!
  • Alumni Guidance: Guidance doesn’t get better than having actual seniors who have gone through the same admission process to guide your students. The Indian school community is still not leveraging the full potential of their alumni network who can serve as potential query resolvers for the current batch of students.

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3. Developing the Teacher

Over the years a lot has been said about ‘Teacher Development’ and how through certain plans and policies the same can be incorporated. What is yet to be seen is REAL action in terms of the grassroots’ progress being made. What is required from Indian schools is actual participation to ensure that their teachers can:

  • Link careers to actual subjects,
  • Bring in the much-needed classroom discussion around careers, and
  • Upgrade in their careers thus, improving retention!

Some progressive schools across the country realize the importance of teacher development and have taken concrete steps in that direction. What is needed, is for more schools to realize the importance of their teachers and leverage them to their full potential.

Assam Valley School team
Assam Valley School, Tezpur implementing a leading Teacher Training Program on Campus

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Monika Bakshi


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    Indian Education system should include exposure to practice rather than putting emphasis on theory. Reading and learning is a great process but it becomes better when we know to implement it.

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    I’ve read most of your previous stuff too and you are just too fantastic. I agree with this point, India need to revamp!!!!!!!!!1

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