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In a brand new Series, Univariety presents ‘Student Journey’: A Unique milestone approach to making crucial career-related decisions. The process of Career guidance differs for every grade and the student journey is also different. To start off, we explore the journey for Class IX.

In Class IX, career guidance is targeted towards self-discovery and an in-depth understanding of personality types. 

Career Guidance For Your Students

Career Guidance for Students, in this grade, aims at giving recommendations and suggesting actions that can help in reaching career goals.

In this stage of the structured Career Guidance, students have three activities mapped out for them.

  • Know your Personality 
  • Know your Intelligence Type
  • Career Activity
  • Know Your Personality:

Students’ personality is assessed based on how they interact with the world, how they absorb information, how they make decisions, how organized they are, and how structured and spontaneous they are. 

The Univariety platform helps them take a test, get the report, and know their personality. Then, the recommended careers are shown in the form of a Venn diagram.Univariety course recommended platform

The diagram has careers of the student’s interest and the careers relevant to their personality type. This helps the students arrive at the best-fit career option. 

They can also get more information on these careers at the click of a button. 

So, career guidance for students becomes simpler as they can do a deep dive into the nature of these careers.

Know More On Personality Types

  • Know Your Intelligence Type:

Students’ intelligence is assessed with multiple intelligence tests that say whether they are:

  • Linguistic – Finding the Right Words to Express What you Mean
  • Naturalist – Understanding Living Things and Reading Nature
  • Existential – Tackling Questions about our Existence
  • Interpersonal – Sensing People’s Feelings & Motives
  • Spatial – Visualizing the world in 3D
  • Logical – Quantifying Things, Making Hypotheses and Proving Them
  • Musical – Discerning Sounds, their Pitch, Tone, Rhythm, and Timbre
  • Kinesthetic – Coordinating the Mind and Body
  • Intrapersonal – Reflecting Upon the Behavior

what is your intelligence type?The assessment test comprises of 54 questions and once the students complete the test, they will get a report on their Intelligence type.

The recommended careers are shown in the form of a Venn diagram based on the careers shortlisted by the students and the ones based on multiple intelligence tests. Students can modify the shortlisted careers anytime in the careers tab under My Selections.

Get Career Guidance Today

  • Career Activity:

Students can evaluate prospective careers through activities like internships, social work, job shadowing, and interviewing experts. In this activity, students have to interview at least one professional who is pursuing their dream career.

The platform provides a downloadable course-specific questionnaire which the students can use for the interview.Career Activity The questions will revolve around-

  • A typical day at work 
  • Your favorite aspect of your profession
  • Some of the major challenges that you have faced in your career so far

The students have to take the interview and upload the report in the form of a doc or pdf file. Based on the interview experience, students can modify shortlisted careers under the careers tab of My Selections.

In Class IX, these milestones offer support to students by giving them a snapshot of how their careers may be and the way to proceed with it. Schools that have implemented this on campus have seen an increase in the rates of student admissions, retention and success. 

These achievable milestones in career guidance along with academic activities will help students reach their goals in a systematic manner. If you’re from an institution and trying to implement our advanced alumni management & impact program for the overall benefit of students then click here to learn more


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