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Univariety’s Career Guidance Program offers a comprehensive solution to schools to prepare students for their future careers. Career Guidance goes beyond just career counselling sessions and psychometric tests. It offers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of your burning questions about Career Guidance Program

Univariety’s Career Guidance System is a complete career guidance solution for schools. It is backed by scientific research and professional career counselling that brings parents and students into one fold in the process of career planning.

Univariety's Career Guidance System for School Students is not just about Counselling. It's a comprehensive program built on five core pillars - Psychometric Assessments, Research Tools, Personalized Counselling, Alumni Guidance, and University Connect. All these pillars empower the student to discover career clarity through experiences

The number of students scoring more than 90% in Grade-10 & Grade-12 has gone up almost 5 times in the last decade. So, a school is no longer differentiated by the number of 10-pointers or 9-pointers they produce. Alumni Success, Focus on Students' Future, Student Profile Building, and Global Exposure are the credible differentiators for a 21st Century School. A holistic Career Guidance System enables all of these for a school.

Career counselling for school students is extremely important. It helps students reduce stress induced by indecisiveness and the academic pressure that they face in high school. Career Counselling helps them choose the right career path.

Career Guidance Program aims to empower schools to provide students with the right career guidance at the right time. It enables more confident, informed, and successful students and thereby building up the school’s brand and success.

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