A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

After the recent result of the 10th boards, I’m sure most of you have already started your second wave of revision for the upcoming 10th Boards in 2025. And, why not?

A well-structured study routine combined with efficient hard work is definitely going to help you clear the exams with flying colours!

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The 10th Board.

The onset of a student’s academic aspirations. All the reason one should leave nothing to chance during its preparations.

Now, while we are at the topic of ‘Leaving to chance’, there remains an aspect of 10th boards as crucial as your preparation routine.

“What subjects to choose after the 10th?”

If you are going to appear for your 10th board this year, the above question can be either comforting or alarming to you.

Comforting because you have it all figured out, and alarming for the fact that you have no idea whatsoever. Former or later, let us go through the concept of subject selection step by step to eventually figure out what subjects to choose after 10th.

Why Is Subject Selection After the 10th important?

It goes unsaid that your concentration for the upcoming boards should be unwavering, but sparing no thoughts on the aftermath can be a risky affair.

How exactly?

Well, most students consciously or subconsciously, get influenced by:

  • parental/sibling guidance,
  • decisions by fellow peers,
  • availability of options in an institute, while choosing subjects for themselves after 10th.

As a result, as good as 4 in every 10 students believe that they chose the wrong subjects after 10th. 

Statistically speaking, that’s a very solid number!

Adding on, low grades, loss of focus, and even inability to apply to dream colleges and courses are the problems that follow.

So, How Do Know Which Subjects To Choose After the 10th?

To be precise there’s an ocean of career choices today. Choosing the right career path amidst all of them right after the 10th can be daunting. 

That’s why you need to have clarity on these chronological requirements before you decide on the subjects to choose after the 10th.

Univariety guidance for subject choosing

Knowing Your Interests

Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is the first step of every journey, big or small (Massive in this case). 

In order to choose what’s best for you, you need to know yourself first. 

Quite basic, but the part missed out by most of us. 

When it comes to figuring out the best subjects to choose after the 10th, the following checklist is crucial:

Which subjects align with your personality?

In which subjects do you have a solid foundation?

Which subjects spark the interest in you?

Psychometric tests from reputed bodies serve this purpose the best, as the results of the test are based on your input. A detailed report after completion puts most blocks of the puzzle into the correct spaces.

8 out of 10 students believe an online psychometric test would have helped them make wiser decisions on subjects to choose after the 10th!

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Seeking Career Guidance

Now that you know in which subjects lie your strengths and interests, you might find yourself in 3 situations:

First Situation: What career options can I choose based on my subject alignments?

Second Situation: If my career aspirations don’t match the report on my subject alignments, what can I do about it?

Third Situation:  As my career aspirations match the report on my subject alignments, what should I do next?

In all the 3 situations a team of Expert Counsellors are the best people to understand your situation and guide you through it.

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Participating in Alumni Guidance

Now that you know your strengths, and you know the course, you are all set!

Something that could make the process better than complete?

Absolutely! There’s nothing like speaking to alumni who have been through the educational gateway you are going to be a part of. 

Alumni tend to provide insights and experiences that generally aren’t a part of a formal procedure. Speaking to them directly helps you clear your inhibitions on a core level.

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Now that you are aware of the steps to follow before you decide upon the subjects to choose after the 10th, let us have a brief look at the boards and streams you can choose from.

Which Board To Choose After the 10th?

If your current board is aligned with your future career aspirations, you can continue with the same board as your 10th. If you feel a different board will serve your ambitions better, you can definitely switch the board for 11th and 12th.

However, an informed decision in this crucial process is highly advisable.

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Subjects To Choose After 10th Based On Streams

An Overview of the available courses in India would give us 3 major categories.

subjects to choose after 10th

  1. Pre-University Course (Arts Stream, Commerce Stream, Science Stream)
  2. Diploma Courses
  3. Career and Technical Education Courses or Vocational Courses

Now, let us have a quick walk-through of the courses.

1. Pre-University Course

The pre-university course (10+2), is the most commonly pursued course in India after 10th. If a part of your ambition is to have a Bachelor’s Degree, then the PUC course is the minimum eligibility criteria. The streams available to choose from are:

  1. Arts stream
  2. Commerce stream
  3. Science stream 

A. Arts Stream After 10th

Profession: Teacher, Lawyer, Anchor, Professor, Politician etc.

Subjects to choose After 10th: History, Geography, English,  Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Sanskrit, and Philosophy.

B. Commerce Stream after 10th

Profession:  Chartered Account, Professor, Bank PO, Teacher,  Finance Manager, Bank Manager, Stock Broker, Marketing Manager, Economist, Cost Accountant, Accountant Executive, HR, etc.

Subjects to choose After 10th: Business Studies, statistics, Economics, Mathematics, English, Computer, Accountancy,  etc.

C. Science Stream after 10th

Profession: Engineer, Doctor, Scientist, Pilot, Teacher, Professor, Chemist, Nurse, Loco Pilot and wants to join the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force etc

Subjects to choose after 10th

  • Group A – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (Engineering)
  • Group B – Biology, Physics, Chemistry (Medical)

2. Diploma Courses after 10th

After 10th you can take up a Diploma in the following fields: 

  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Paramedical
  • Travel & Tourism, 
  • ITI
  • IT & Software 
  • Computer Courses    

3. Career and Technical Education Courses or Vocational Courses after 10th Standard

Career and Technical Education Courses (CTE) courses are industry-specific courses that’ll train you in a dedicated profession. The courses to choose after 10th are: 

  • Banking and Financial Service Course
  • DTP (Desktop Publishing) and Printing Technology
  • Diploma in Insurance and Marketing
  • Tourism and Travel Techniques Course
  • Pre-School Teacher Training
  • Hotel Operations Course
  • Dental Technician Course

So, there’s that. The list of almost all probable courses and their subjects to choose from after the 10th. Remember to follow the rules to know yourself better before diving into the depths of these courses. Don’t leave this important decision to chance! 

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