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Careers everywhere. But no clue on what to do? Worry not! We’re doing a countdown of the top 10 popular jobs in India that have diverse benefits to offer, along with giving you the big bucks. Choose one from these and you can be sure that you are entering an industry that has great demand, growth potential, and a great pay scale. So let out a sigh of relief and let’s begin:

10 Jobs in India that Everybody Wants to Know About

1. Business Consultant

Business consultancy is one of the steadily growing jobs in India. A business consultant has to become his/her client’s best friend. Not only they would have to understand the needs of the client, but also use their knowledge to guide the client on how to maximize business opportunities and solve issues.

Qualification: BBA / MBA


  •  Fresher: 4 – 6 lakhs per year
  • Experienced professionals: 12 – 18 lakhs per year

2. Lawyer

Being a lawyer has never been out of fashion. It is no wonder that it is one of the most popular jobs in India. A lawyer’s to-do list would include intensive research, mediating between the client and other parties, and, of course, battling it out in the courtroom. The job field offers growing opportunities, and you can specialize in absolutely any field that interests you.

Qualification: LLB


  • Fresher: 6 – 9 lakhs per year
  • Experienced lawyers: 10 – 15 lakhs per year

3. Actor / Model

The demand for entertainment will never die. And the same goes for talent too. After the initial few years of establishing and building upon your talent, a polished actor is paid in lakhs, and sometimes even in crores. A model, based on skill and talent, can also scale his remuneration to Rs. 50,000 or more for each assignment.

Qualification: Theatre Arts, Acting


  • Fresher: Rs. 2,000 – 10,000 per episode
  • Experienced Actor: Rs. 10,000 – 2,00,000 per episode
  • Actor in the film industry: lakhs or crores (depending on the role and scale of the movie)

4. Commercial Pilot / Cabin Crew

The soaring aviation industry has a high demand for professionals today. With more and more airline brands spreading their wings, and the number of flights per day resting at an all-time high, taking up the career of a commercial pilot or air host/air hostess is certainly rewarding.

Qualification: Specialized Training


  • Pilot: 7 – 9 lakhs
  • Air hostess: 4 – 6 lakhs

5. Medical Doctor

There’s a reason why lakhs of students flock to medical colleges around the world. Being a part of this well-established, high-demand industry offers great career prospects. Some of the medical specialists that are paid the highest include gynaecologists, general physicians, and psychiatrists.  

Qualification: MBBS


  •  Basic norm: 6 lakhs per year
  • Surgeons: 12 lakhs per year

6. Oil Refinery Engineer

While this specialization remains fairly unconventional, it is actually one that can come with varied benefits. If employed in a Public Sector Undertaking, your job security is paired with a good salary.

Qualification: Petrochemical Engineer


  • Fresher: 3.5 – 6 lakhs per year
  • Experienced engineers: 20 lakhs per year

7. Chartered Accountant 

If you’re the kind of person who feels number-crunching = piece of cake, then welcome to the world of accountancy. Apart from gaining instant respect when you walk into a room with your CA tag, you can use your skills in accounting, banking, and tax management among others.

Qualification: Degree from ICAI


  • Fresher: 5 – 7 lakhs per year
  • Experienced Accountant: More than 25 lakhs per year

8. Software Engineer

Coders and techies are the cool-cats of the engineering industry today. And the extent to which software engineers have changed the very course of human interaction over the past decade is unimaginable. It’s no wonder there’s a high demand for software engineers today.

Qualification: B. Tech (CSE)


  •  Average Pay: 6 lakhs per year
  • Senior Engineer: 10 lakhs per year
  • Project Leader: 20 lakhs per year approximately

9. Investment Banker

As an investment banker here’s what a typical day in your life could be like – address stock issues, put on the avatar of a financial advisor, and pave the way for mergers and acquisitions. Investment bankers definitely turn heads when they walk into a room filled with business and finance geeks.

Qualification: BBA / MBA (specializing in Finance)


  • Analyst: 5 – 9 lakhs per year
  • Associate: 7 – 13 lakhs per year
  • Vice president: 10 – 40 lakhs per year
  • Director: More than 40 lakhs per year
  • Managing Director: More than 42 lakhs per year

10. Management Professional

Today’s the age for business and entrepreneurship, and Management Professionals enjoy a top spot on the pay scale. Hard-workers graduating from renowned MBA colleges start off with glamorous packages and have a great jump start to their career.

Qualification: BBA  / MBA


  • Pre-placement offers: 20 – 24 lakhs per year
  • Lowest salary packages: 7 – 9 lakhs per year


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