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Navigating the realm of alumni reunions can be akin to embarking on a treasure hunt, with each encounter offering a trove of opportunities waiting to be unearthed. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of maximizing the value of these gatherings, ensuring that every interaction, exchange, and connection leads to meaningful outcomes. Let’s talk about How to Make the Most out of the Alumni meets in an elaborative way.

That’s a eureka moment for you. Once you subscribe to their mailing lists, you will receive event invites and that’s your gateway to relive the memories and make friends with other batchmates. Connect with us to learn more. 

Here are a few things you have to ensure for better networking at alumni meets. You can break them into BEFORE… DURING… AFTER.

Importance Of Alumni Meet: Vision Of Maria Gallo 

Maria Gallo, a renowned philanthropy researcher and founder of KITE, advocates for leveraging networks for inclusive connections. With a doctorate from the University of Sheffield, Maria’s impactful work in alumni engagement has earned international recognition. As Director of Lifelong Learning and Engagement at St Angela’s College, Sligo, she continues to inspire others through her publications and talks. Based in Ballybofey, Co. Donegal, Maria exemplifies the power of fostering meaningful connections in both personal and professional spheres about alumni meet speech. Interested in fostering such meaningful Alumni engagement? then feel free to reach out to us.

Before the event: DEFINE YOUR GOALS

What is Alumni meet? meaning of alumni meet? virtual alumni meet ideas and set the objective of attending the alumni meetings. Is it for professional networking? Or Is it to gain admission insights into your dream college? Or is it to increase the friend circle in the new town? Or to find a potential mentor for your startup? 

Once you have a clear goal in mind, then it’s easy to network at the event by identifying and talking to the right people. Remember, time is limited and people are many. 

At times, the event organizers share the list of attendees with their course and college, company and designation prior to the event, then it can be easy to pick people to meet. If they are from your batch then you can easily relate to them and strike the first level of conversation much before the event. Interested to know more? Click here

During the Event: THE HHH APPROACH 

You are armed with a list of people to meet or waiting to interact with random persons from your school. Follow the three-pronged HHH approach for great results. 

H – Start with a greeting – a simple ‘Hi’ – and introduce yourself. 

For instance, “Hi, I’m Pooja from the class of 2016”. 

Exchange a smile and shake hands, and the other person will reciprocate. 

H – Follow it up with “How are you?”

This puts the person in a comfortable and friendly position to do the talking. Most of the details come up during this part. You may talk about your current status of study or work and know the other person’s and it goes on and on. 

H – To the end plant a “How was the school back then?”

This opens up the nostalgic moments the person can share with you. If you are from different passing out years, you can get to the differences during your times and also understand how the college evolved all these years. Lastly, know more about the person’s interests during the school days and whether he/she carries it to this date. At the point, you will get a holistic view of the person, the school during that time and other details. 

As time is limited, ensure that you talk to everyone on your list. You can even form a circle with common interests and interact with them at one go. Alumni speech by ex-students in college also helps others to shed their inhibitions and join the circle. This way, you are making your schoolmates more social. 

After the Event: STAY IN TOUCH

Now comes the necessary task of staying in touch with your schoolmates. These days, everyone is on one of the social channels – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, among others. Follow them, like and share their updates. Create groups and share interesting articles relevant to a certain industry, course, or college, so that you are always aware of happenings around. You can take it forward and go for a casual meet or grab a coffee or watch a film with your chums. There are the alumni association mailing lists to keep you together on a formal note. You can look for many suggestions in this regard but first, look for a local chapter of your Alumni Association


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