A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

Your alumni are your biggest fans, a vast network of talented individuals who share a unique connection to your institution. But nurturing that connection takes effort. A strong alumni engagement program fosters a sense of community, loyalty, and pride while offering significant benefits for both your alumni and your institution. 

The Power Of Alumni Engagement Program 

Why some of the best institutions in India have already partnered with Univariety’s Alumni Engagement Program?

Popular & most loved institutions in India have already partnered with Univariety to get the best Alumni management system. Schools that have adopted Univariety’s Alumni Engagement Program have seen a remarkable 8%-12% increase in admissions. A well-designed alumni engagement program yields a multitude of advantages:

  • Enhanced Reputation: A vibrant alumni network positions your institution as a breeding ground for success, attracting prospective students and faculty.
  • Valuable Career Support: Alumni can provide career mentorship, internship opportunities, and job recommendations to current students and recent graduates.
  • Increased Fundraising: Engaged alumni are more likely to donate to scholarships, capital projects, and other initiatives that support your institution’s mission.
  • Boosted Student Recruitment: Active alumni involvement in admissions events and outreach programs can significantly enhance your recruitment efforts.
  • Increased Positive Impact: Proud alumni become vocal ambassadors, promoting your institution’s achievements and positive impact.

Is it too Late to Start an Alumni Engagement Program? 

Wondering about the right time to build an alumni network? Here’s the truth: the benefits of an alumni network are substantial, no matter when you start. However, the earlier you begin, the better the results.

  • No Time Like the Present: It’s never too early to initiate an alumni network. Even prestigious institutions like The Doon School, founded in 1935, started their alumni network just four years later, in 1939.
  • Start Early for Maximum Impact: While starting early is ideal, it’s perfectly fine to begin your alumni network at any stage. The key is to get started.
  • Immediate Benefits: An active alumni network can significantly benefit your students and school community right from the start.

Univariety has partnered with top schools nationwide, dispelling common myths about alumni networks. Don’t let timing concerns hold you back—connect with us to get started today.

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Univariety’s Pro Tips for Success in Alumni Engagement System: 

  • Start Early: Begin cultivating relationships with students before they graduate. Involve them in alumni events and programs to foster a sense of belonging.
  • Dedicated Staff: Assign a dedicated staff person (or team) to manage your alumni engagement program. This ensures consistency and focus.
  • Track and Analyze: Measure the success of your program through metrics like event attendance, website traffic, and alumni giving. Use this data to refine your strategies.

Go Beyond Nostalgia for Alumni Engagement: 

Alumni engagement is a two-way street! Your alumni are your superpower, but they need something from your school too. Nostalgia alone won’t cut it!

Activate your alumni through a planned year-round engagement plan:

  • Provide alumni with the right tech and manual support to enable higher education.
  • Engage your alumni to make them a valuable addition to your school community.

Alumni Pairing, Rewards & Recognition: 

Engage your alumni by connecting them with professionals from related career fields. When you celebrate alumni success, it leads to the institute’s success.


By implementing these strategies, you can cultivate a vibrant alumni network that fosters lifelong connections and benefits your institution for years to come. Remember, a successful alumni engagement program is an ongoing process. By consistently demonstrating the value of staying connected, you’ll transform your alumni from graduates into loyal advocates for your institution’s mission. Sounds right? Let’s connect to discuss how you can do it too. 


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