A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

Robin Williams once said “Medicine, Law, Business, and Engineering are all Noble pursuits, but Poetry, Beauty, Romance, and Love, these are what we stay alive for”

Humanities teaches us who we are and who we can be, and they lie at the very core of the culture that we’re a part of – Ronald Reagan. 

So what makes Humanities so special?

What are the different career options that are unique?

Just like there are unique and interesting career options for STEM education, STEAM education is not far behind!

Let’s take a peek at these careers and decide whether you are cut for them.

1) Museum Curator

Museum Curator

Do you remember the movie Night at the Museum?

Being a curator at a museum requires knowledge, dedication, and most importantly, passion. 

Majoring in Art or History, a curator’s job is to safeguard the artifacts in a museum. However, it’s a long way to the top, you want to be a museum curator.

Combining your knowledge of historical artifacts, your love for the subject and your passion, a museum curator dons many hats. From guiding the museum visitors, to managing personnel and ensuring the state of artifacts is at top-notch condition at all times, a curator does it all!

2) Artist

Do you love seeing ‘Starry Starry Nights’? or stare at ‘Water Lilies’, or even imagine that there’s a bit ‘Mona Lisa’ in every person?


An Artist can be in any field. However, a Painter is a whole different type of Art. 

If you think Art in its truest form is something you connect with, you can make a living out of it!

With a background of Humanities and adding entrepreneurial skills, you can create a website for your art and sell your work to art connoisseurs all over the world!

3) Private Investigator

If you thought that Humanities will not help in you becoming the next ‘Sherlock’, you were wrong. 

Being in the Humanities stream, you can always practice being a private investigator with the right set of skills, knowledge and licences. 

Just having a background in Humanities and being inquisitive is not enough. Crime comes in different types and in different places. Having the analytical skills, the knowledge of the LAW are just some of the requisites you need to channel your ‘Detective’ skills!

4) Celebrity Ghostwriter

This is NOT a job writing about GHOSTS.

A ghostwriter is one who is hired by people to pen down their autobiographies or memoirs. 

You, being a celebrity ghostwriter, would be in charge of digging deep into the life of the celebrity, and the lives of the people who are closely associated with them.

Sounds exciting, yet scary right?

By collating all the information, you must match the pieces of the ‘puzzle’ to pen down the autobiography or memoir. However, it’s not easy to be hired as a ‘Ghostwriter’. You must hone your skills and utilise them to the fullest to make sure that your writing is not only attractive but also precise and factual.

5) Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper

As mysterious as it sounds, the job of a ‘Mystery Shopper’ is fast catching up in the consumer-driven world.

People are employing other people to SHOP. What you need is your Humanities background and the ability to understand people and their preferences. 

Like every other job, the higher you go up in your profession, the higher the stakes.

All it takes is a knack for asking questions.

Why do mystery shoppers exist? Through their experiences and surveys, and tabulating the customer shopping experience, brands modify their in-store, online, and offline experience.

There are more than 12,000 career options in the world today. A Humanities degree does anything but limit your options. Whether you wish to be a private investigator, a painter, or a writer, you must WANT it. To want it, you must know it exists, and that is why we are here. Visit our website to know more about careers in 2021 today!

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