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A noble career that involves telling the ‘truth’ and giving people information on the happenings from all around the world.

However, do you what it entails?

Countless hours of work, consumption of never-ending information, living in rigorous conditions, and marinating in danger. 

All for one cause – The Truth.

However, there would be no journalism, without the countless journalists who make the profession what it is today.

If journalism requires sacrifice, it does offer its share of rewards as well

What does a Career in Journalism entail?

A career in journalism is not only challenging, but it’s also highly exciting and promises a thrill which very few other careers provide. The combination of power and responsibility turns journalists into some of the finest intellectuals of this day and age.

The responsibility of obtaining information, analysing it, and then communicating it to the masses in the best possible way is anything but easy or simple.

However, Journalism is also adventurous. The following are some benefits and advantages a career in journalism offers:

• Traveling

Journalists get to travel widely. Even across international borders as they have to go where the story is, wherever it is. 

The only place they have not gone is space. (And they might go there too if they find an untold story out there.)

• Networking

Journalism is all about NETWORKING.

It can be from a street shop vendor to a top official in the government. Information requires sources and sources are all about networking. 

 This expands its network and gives them access to people and resources to whom common people don’t have any access.

• Respect and recognition

The end-result of an article written is the Truth. However, the end result for a journalist is the by-line he or she receives after penning that article. 

Journalists are highly respected as they have access to release information, without having to please anyone. 

It won’t be wrong to say that a career in journalism is sure to bring recognition and respect in the society. Journalists are admired by every section of society. It’s considered a career of power.

• The fast-paced environment

Journalism is a fast-paced career. The deadlines, the events, the race to be the first to cover an incident does offer a rush that not many professions have to offer.

• Undying excitement

Journalism is and will always be a highly significant profession. Without a doubt, it’s one of those professions where excitement can always be at the peak. There is a sense of adventure which keeps the people in journalism motivated and enthused.

• Access to News and its sources

Needless to say, journalists have access to all kinds of news and their sources. They often have information about incidents much before other people do.

• Flexibility to merge into other professions

Journalists cover a wide range of topics. This gives them insightful knowledge about many professions and activities. A journalist can work in a number of other capacities like advisors, public relations officers, content writing, etc.

Journalists are considered highly intellectual people. With media’s unmatched reach to the masses, no other career provides its pursuers with opportunities of expressing themselves like a career in journalism does.

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