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As put by Sudakshina Gupta, Professor of the University of Calcutta, online classes do not hold the capacity to substitute classroom lectures, as the latter is able to generate much interaction needed within the sphere of a classroom. The upsurge of digital learning, along with many others, is an outcome of the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But we must acknowledge that upon the emergence of this deadly virus, one of the major obstacles India has been dealing with is to continue to provide quality education to its students across the nation. As a result of this, students, especially K12 students, are going through a whole different experience, and to a great extent, getting affected by it as well. 

As a means of stopping the prevention of COVID-19, the government has effectively shut down all the institutions since March 2020. This is a vital time for the students as nearly all the board exams, competitive entrance tests, and admission exams are usually held during this course of time.

As a student or a parent, we know this upsetting and uncertain event must be troubling you. Keeping this concern in our mind, in this blog, let us discuss what and how the students are dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and what possible ways are there for you to constructively deal with the predominant challenges. 

COVID-19 Effect on Indian Education System

According to the surveys of UNESCO, almost 320 million students have been immediately affected by the closure of schools. Although this change has led the students towards a modernized and digital mode of learning, it comes with its own set of challenges as well. 

Postponing of Entrance Exams

As indicated above, all the important entrance exams on major courses such as JEE, UPSC, NEET have been postponed till September. Students of 12th grade are especially affected by this change as a huge number of kids sit for these entrances every year. Naturally, this uncertainty has disrupted their planned preparation and college admissions. 

Unpredictability of Exam Cycle

The closure of academic institutes has resulted in the uncertainty of the exam cycle. Students are confused regarding their exam preparation and it has caused frustration in them as well. Without any given time or date, they are feeling like a radar-less ship in the ocean. 

Delay of Board Exams

Major educational boards in India have delayed their 10th and 12th board exams in the backdrop of this pandemic. CBSE, ICSE, NOIS, State Boards, and others are included in this. Exams are estimated to be held not before May 2021 and consequently, academic sessions are to be commenced from July 2021. 

Unfamiliarity with Online Classes

Despite the fact that digital learning has its unique benefits, access to the internet, laptops, or phones is not enough compatible with the requirements. A lot of students are not able to utilize the online classes due to limited resources. This has created a sense of deprivation and inequality among them leading to some serious psychological issues. 

Mental Health Issues 

The havoc created by school shutdown and lack of interaction, activity, and fun has led to grave mental health issues among the students. Because of the continuous postponement of exams, anxiety regarding exam preparation and results has become worse. Additionally, lengthy screen hours have led to some emotional and behavioral disorders as well. 

What Can You Possibly Do to Cope with these Changes?

In such a testing time, whether you are a parent or a student, you must not panic. Contemplating over what will happen in the future is normal and every one of us is going through this difficult time, in some way or another. 

If you are a student or a parent of a student, you must have so many questions hovering on your mind right now, for instance, when will the remaining exams be conducted? When will entrances take place? What will be the admission procedure this time? Will a year be lost? 

We at Univariety believe that as a student, you’ve got a pretty good advantage over this time as you have plenty of time to relax and study. Now you just need to know how to make the best use of it.

Here we bring up some tips which might brighten you up and help you catch momentum for the upcoming days.

Empathy is the Key!

In such difficult times, do not be hard on yourself or your children. Things are unsetting right now and it’s okay to be scared. But we must be kind to ourselves and remember that this too shall pass. Always try to validate the feelings of your children and support them throughout. 

As a student, share your concerns with your parents and try to divert your attention to something positive around you. 

Media Consumption Management

You should know the limit of your or your child’s screen-time use. There is too much information going on which generally leads to confusion and chaos. Be assured that not everything you hear on TV is authentic. 

To the parents, it’s your time to pull out your children from this blunder and provide them the factual information as per their query. This will help in reducing the anxiety of your kids as well as yours.

Books are Your Best Friends!

Following this legendary quote, we should definitely learn the importance of spending time with books. Grab the books lying on your shelves, waiting for you to read them all this while and start reading! 

Remember that getting exposure to different genres not only will increase your knowledge, but can benefit your mental health as well. 

Time and Routine Management

This extended period is giving you the chance to solve as many question papers as you can. You have endless time for revisions and make sure to utilize this time to make a solid foundation for your preparation. Grow an in-depth understanding of your syllabus which, in the long run, will help you only. Remember that you are going to get back such a long span of free time ever!

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Although this pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways, we should always look on the brighter side, embrace the change and learn to effectively get through it. Therefore, make the best of your indoor times to learn, develop and flourish to the fullest. 

Here’s wishing every student out there a stroke of very good luck and an enhanced learn-from-home adventure!

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