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In June 2021, the Central Board of Secondary Education announced a new marking scheme for the students of Class XII. 

40% Pre-Board marks
30% Class XI final exams
30% Class X Board exams

This new marking scheme proposed by the CBSE and submitted to the Supreme Court could be either a bane or a boon for the students of 12th grade. 

There will be other options that can be considered by the students that can help them take the ‘usual’ route for their college admissions.

But before we talk about the other options, let’s dig deeper and understand how the marking scheme will be implemented by the 21,000 CBSE schools in India.

The Computation Game

How will these percentages be computed? 

What does it mean for college admissions?

To answer the first question, the percentage will be based on the student’s performance in each subject in either the unit tests, mid-term or pre-board theory exams. 

A ‘Results Committee’ will be set up in each school consisting of the principal, senior teachers, and two other teachers of Class XII in a neighbouring school. The decision of which test will be considered will be left to the discretion of the ‘Result Committee’.

When it comes to the marks from Class XI, it will be computed based on the marks received in the final theory exams that students had written in 2019-2020. 

For the Class XI component, the computation will be based on the marks in the respective subjects from year-end final theory exams that the students wrote in 2019-2020.

Coming to Class X, an average of the marks of three main and best performing subjects will be considered. This average will be awarded uniformly to all the subjects of Class XII based on the weightage of each.

What does it mean for college admissions?

According to various sources, more than 70,000 students have scored above 95% in the board exams. Our data also shows that the percentage of students scoring above 90% has increased by 324% in the last 10 years.

Due to this, the process of college admissions may get tougher with the cut-offs increasing. This may be a celebration for CBSE students, however, it can have a ripple effect for students from the state board who might find it difficult to get college admissions. 

The new marking scheme may also result in the criteria required for college admissions. For the past 8 years, we have seen a shift in the requirements for colleges. 

Colleges are inclined to choose students who are focused and have a clear understanding of their aspirations and ambitions. Having knowledge of your learning style, the ideal career, and having a college-ready profile are examples of what colleges are looking for in students.


What if a student falls short in 1 subject?

According to the board, if a student falls short of marks in ONE subject, he or she will be placed in the ‘compartment’ category. In this category, a compartment exam will be conducted to allow the student a chance to clear it. 

What if a student falls short in more than 1 subject?

If a student falls short in more than one subject, they will be placed in the ‘essential repeat’ category. 

Univariety’s Take

Class 10 and Class 12 are important. However, they are stepping stones for your college admissions and then for your career. 

We understand that students of classes 12 are often stressed about performing well, and more so, the process of college admissions.

Let us strike you a deal. You focus on your 12th. We will focus on YOUR college admissions. 

Through our career guidance programs, we will collate not only your marks, but also your aspirations, interests, opinions, and personality to help you understand what you can do. But most importantly, we will help you reach there!


  • What are the advantages of career guidance?

Career guidance provides a deep insight into what you wish to be, where you wish to be and what you require to get there. We at Univariety help you with ‘what you require to get there’. 

  • Can I opt not to choose the new marking regime?

Unfortunately, no. In case you are not satisfied with the assessment, you will be allowed to sit for written examinations. However, that will depend on the conditions specified by the board. 

  • How do I decide what career I want to pursue after 12th?

Step 1: Sit back and figure out what makes you tick. 

Step 2: We’ll take care of all the RESEARCH. 

Visit our website to know more!

Aditya Roy

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