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Why Choose Alumni Impact Program

The Alumni Impact Program is a one-of-a-kind alumni networking and management solution for schools.
This Software as a Service model allows schools to successfully build a thriving alumni network.
This network is then utilised for marketing and new admissions.

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We work with 350+ Top Educational Institutes to enable Alumni Networking & Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the answer to some of your burning questions about Alumni Impact Program

An alumni management software helps in collecting, storing, and tracking alumni data of an institution. Having an easy-to-use and accessible alumni management software is crucial to build an alumni network. However, having software alone does not build a community. With Univariety’s Alumni Impact Program, you get access to alumni management software as well as support for data collection and utilisation of the data for school success.

Alumni Impact Program is a comprehensive Alumni Networking and Management solution for schools. It allows schools to build a digital database of their alumni, connect with them and track their success journey. These alumni success stories are then utilised for school marketing and brand building. The school can leverage its alumni’s expertise to provide guidance and mentorship for current students as well.

Alumni database is a digital file containing all relevant information regarding the alumni of a school - college admission, scholarships, career achievements, and more. The database is built and accessible on the dedicated alumni management software of the institution.

With our Alumni Impact Program, we offer schools alumni management software as well as build their alumni database. An alumni database ensures your school’s most important assets are utilised for marketing, admission, and brand-building purposes.

The Alumni Impact Program connects the school, its students, and alumni in one ecosystem. The digital platform allows schools to manage all alumni information in a secure centralised database. Schools can keep track of their alumni, connect with them for school events and activities, and enable student guidance.

With the Alumni Impact Program, we help schools build a digital alumni database with up-to-date information that they can access in a few clicks. The data can be filtered based on different parameters and generate reports. We use both offline and digital engagement to connect with the school’s alumni to gain information.

Alumni Impact Program follows a self-sustainable business model. The price depends on the number of students and alumni onboarding. To know more about the pricing of the Alumni Impact Program, connect with our experts.

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