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Technology-backed Solutions for Educational Institutes

  • Alumni Networking & Management
  • Career Guidance
  • Counsellor Certification & Upskilling

Our Core Services

We offer new-age solutions to schools through technology and optimum utilization of the school's assets -
its Alumni, to drive student & school success.

Alumni Networking & Management

Build a thriving alumni community with updated information of alumni career journeys and achievements

  • What we offer
  • Personalised counselling session
  • Student-parent career alignments
  • Guidance for college profile building

Alumni Engagement

Maintain the connection with your alumni through meaningful engagement

  • What we offer
  • Regular email campaigns, newsletters, and more.
  • Recognition of alumni achievements through social media
  • Online and offline events involving alumni

Alumni Mentorship

Enable transfer of knowledge and expertise from alumni to current students.

  • What we offer
  • Alumni Success Journeys
  • 1-on-1 student-alumni interaction
  • Video library of alumni sharing their experience

Admission & Marketing Support

Utilise alumni achievements and success stories for marketing admission growth

  • What we offer
  • Alumni page integration on the school website
  • Social media campaigns showcasing alumni
  • Admission team training

Career Counselling

Expert career counsellors to answer all student and parent queries regarding career choices and academic routes.

  • What we offer
  • Personalised counselling session
  • Student-parent alignment on career decision
  • Dedicated guidance for college profile building

Psychometric Tests

Scientific assessments of the student’s interests, aptitude and personality to determine their optimum career choices.

  • Personality
  • Learning Style
  • Multiple Intelligence Test
  • Ideal Career Test
  • Stream Selector

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