A Strong Foundation Building For Your Child Is A Must: Start Before It’s Too Late

Research shows that family matters a lot when it comes to student aspirations. Parents all over the world, especially in India have an important role in their children’s education.

According to statistics, 45% of the students feel that their parents have a final say in their career choice. Only 15% believe that their opinions are considered before their parents take a decision for them.

“We are elder to you, we have seen the world, and know more than you”.

Does knowing more mean that they ‘really’ know you?

If you feel there is a kind of disconnect in the way they perceive things, don’t worry. We got your back.

These 5 ways can help you plug in the communication leaks and walk your way into your career choice by convincing your parents.

1) Understand their expression of love

First and foremost, it is important that you understand their love and intentions. They support you in the best and worst of times and always keep you as their top priority.


Talk to them to understand what they have in mind when it comes to proposing a career choice to you. When their career choice and yours are falling on different ends of the spectrum, think of a way to align it as per your wish. 

2) Keep your portfolio ready

Keep your portfolio ready
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While talking to your parents, take out a thing or two from your portfolio to add authenticity to your claims.

If you are aspiring to go for Fine Arts or Fashion Design, then show them your prowess in the work that you have done.

Similarly, if you want to take up Journalism or Creative writing as a career option, then keep all your blogs and articles ready to showcase your passion.

Showing your work to them can help you and they understand each other, your aspirations, and both your plans. This can be the key to bringing a connection between your plans and theirs.

3) All that matters is how you convey your career choice

“Mr Sharma’s son just got into engineering”

“But I want to become a Film-maker”

It’s not uncommon when your parents start convincing you about the perks of becoming what they wish for you to become. From job opportunities to foreign education, and much more.

Knowing about the different career aspects of the career you wish to pursue is important. If your parents are more concerned about the placements, talk to them about the various opportunities you have in your field. Or, you can very well knock on the door of a career counsellor for a great piece of advice.

4) Get some ‘you and me’ time

Get some ‘you and me’ time
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No matter how hard you try to communicate with your parents there’s an imaginary wall that doesn’t allow you to pour your heart out.

Then find commonality and try to work on something together. There can be many things you enjoy doing with your parents, so pick the best one. This helps you bond with them and slowly reveal your decision.

For the way, Sunil Dutt from Sanju talks about the ‘ustaads‘ of motivation and ensures that his son listens to them. Find one thing that your parents love to do and be a part of it.

5) Show your respect and value their career choices

They say respect is a two-way street. And this becomes paramount when it comes to talking to your parents.

Irrespective of the result, be polite. They see you as a reflection of themselves and it is important to make them understand, but with reasoning, and not by being impatient.

In the end, always keep reminding yourself to drive the implicit message with charming explicit communication. If it is still difficult to converse, you can always call someone who can mediate – US. You can always contact us and Book a Session with our counsellors to guide you through this conversation and career options.

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