Higher Academic Scores

  • Students completing the course have shown significant improvement on Cornell Critical Thinking test
  • On completion, participants develop a set of tools that can help them prepare better for tests, accurately analyze questions and avoid making silly mistakes, leading to higher scores
  • Improved logical thinking, quick problem solving and effective communication skills are known to assist students in securing higher academic scores

Additional Qualification

  • Get a certificate from a professor from Brown University; one of the IVY league universities in US
  • Don't just leave school with good grades but also acquire an additional qualification that can make your profile stand out
  • This certification will stay with you throughout your academic and professional life thus giving you an advantage for years to come

Fun and Engaging Course

  • Verified by US Government Department of Education for providing learning outcomes in an engaging manner
  • Has a right blend of humour, engaging challenges and captivating scenarios that put a smile on course takers faces
  • Easy to use, self-paced, online and with use of simple language
  • Doing the course feels like playing a really fun game!

Improved Thinking Skills

  • Participants spot a bad argument and find effective ways of making a good one
  • They learn different ways of approaching a problem and finding appropriate solutions
  • Participants learn to understand complex things conceptually and apply it to different scenarios

Improved Communication Skills

  • Participants learn to communicate effectively and improve skills at debate competitions, interviews and in class discussions
  • They tackle project assignments and essays with better thought structure and effective use of the English language
  • They become effective in an area that is most tested in all competitive exams, job interviews and any forum where peer to peer interaction is a must

Improved Research Skills

  • Participants' school projects meet professional standards by exploring various research techniques
  • They make themselves college ready by understanding the basics of research; a skill most needed after passing school
  • They learn to ask the right questions and have an inquiry based approach to things
Master the 21st century with this course!
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