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Which of the following four skills is used in these scenarios

A goal keeper trying to jump in one of the two directions to save a penalty shoot out in a soccer match.

1.Critical Thinking 2.Creative Thinking 3. Research Skill 4. Communication Skills

  • Considering options
  • Preparing for eventualities
  • Arriving at a decision
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Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi giving speach at a big public gathering

1.Critical Thinking 2.Creative Thinking 3. Research Skill 4. Communication Skills

  • Clearly putting forth his point of view
  • Persuading others to accept it
  • Appealing to reason as well as emotion
Click to see answer Communication Skills

A detective solving a bank robbery case.

1.Critical Thinking 2.Creative Thinking 3. Research Skill 4. Communication Skills

  • Questioning different people at the bank
  • Looking into cctv camera recordings
  • Looking into various bank transactions recently
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How will the course be taught?

This course will be taught online through a combination on reading materials, extensive instructional videos, exercises and a monthly webinar. All participants will also be a part of online forums where they will interact. This course is taught in a highly engaging manner with relatable examples and lots of patience!

Course Features

20 Hours

Delivered Online

Study Through Videos & Exercises

3 Modules
( 25+ videos )

Certificate from Brown University Professor

The curriculum is designed in a comprehensive manner to ensure optimum learning.

Thinking Skills

  • All good research starts with asking the right questions. Take this course to master the art of questioning.
  • Change the way you see the world around you. Master the art of thinking clearly by learning to analyze arguments, both good and bad. Authoritatively crack down on stuff that just "doesn't make sense"
  • When people are trying to prove their point, they can make all sorts of blunders. Take this course to spot fallacious arguments straightaway.


Research Skills

  • When is information trustworthy, and when do you need to be extra-wary? It's a fine line - hone your ability to get to the bottom of what someone's telling you.
  • This course introduces you to the key elements of an experiment: dependent and independent variables and their expected relationship. It then tests this understanding across various scenarios.
  • Having learnt how to formulate a hypothesis and choose appropriate variables, this module now looks at how best to implement the variables
  • Make others - and yourself - believe in your data.


Communication Skills

  • Now that you have all of your information and analysis, let's get ready to write it all out in a well organized manner.
  • Use these for the course on the Writing Process and as a guideline for the structure of different types of essays.
  • One final toolkit: always mind the style you're adopting when writing something. At the end of this module, you will have accomplished the various skills required for independent research.


Benefits of the Course

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Higher Academic Scores

Improved thinking skills lead to better academic performance

Additional Qualification

Getting an edge over others by building a strong profile

Fun and Engaging course

Learning was never so much fun

Improved Thinking Skills

Think better and smarter

Improved Communication Skills

Wow the world with your power of words

Improved Research Skills

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21st Century Skills Certificate

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This course is known for developing skills among students in most engaging & entertaining manner. Participants doing the course feel that they not doing a course but are part of an immersive engaging puzzle. Here is a glimpse of some of the exercises that are part of the course. The entire course is packed with such fun education exercises for you to enjoy !

Master the 21st century with this course!
Rs. 9,500 (+Taxes)