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Profile building programs have been used by more than 2000 students across India. The students and parents who've wanted to make sure that they prepare themselves holistically for college admissions, received expert guidance on appropriate programs and now they know they couldn’t have choosen any better. Lets hear students talk about profile building.

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International School of Hyderabad I found the program 21st Century Skills useful and fulfilling. I really think the lessons I learnt here will help me throughout my life. Applying what I have learnt here will definitely contribute a lot to my success.

I believe 21 century skills program offered by Univariety will allow you to gain practical knowledge. It provides us with chance to learn something completely new. The best thing of 21 Century Skills is its complete interaction with the user.

This program definitely helped me a lot! Thank you so much!!!

International School of Hyderabad Thanks to Univariety which has made efforts of a student, in fields other than academics, valuable. It is great that every effort that we put in for academics as well as outside helps us to excel much and get admissions in best colleges around the world. Talking about myself, I remember about my first personal interaction with the Univariety counselor, I came to know more about building a profile and I was also told that if I had to get into a good college, I need a powerful Profile and, for doing that I have to get connected to Univariety. I thought it would be a serious discussion, where I won't be able to speak much but the counselors are great and they created an environment where I was like a friend to them. I am very thankful to Univariety that they helped me find my potential.


International School of Hyderabad I've always dreamt of writing a novel of my own but I didn't know a lot of things about it. Not just that, I also wanted to get into Miranda house for English (Hons.) and experience being part of a publishing industry first-hand.

Univariety's guidance helped me intern at the Harper Collins Publishing House, New Delhi. Now I'm aware of the expectations and what skills I need to work on over the course of graduation.

International School of Hyderabad Attending the Oxford Summer Course was one of the best decision that I made in my High School.

Now When I'm applying to universities in UK for Business Management, all the experience from the Summer Program is helping me a lot!

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