Partner Programs

We have partnered with the best organizations across the globe to bring you a selection of programs that will cater to your unique requirements. We can help you build skills in your area of interest and the best part about it is that we help you get certified for them !

Universal Programs

You get recognized by doing programs offered by top international universities and organisations at Univariety. You can choose from over 150 such programs that are famous all around the world with hundreds of schools encouraging their students to take them. They are designed by renowned educational experts and are well reputed in the global educational community.

21st century skills certificate

Some of the courses you can take up –

  • 21st Century Skills and get certified by an eminent professor from the Brown University (member of the Ivy League).
  • 'Driving Creativity Through Mathematics', developed by an internationally renowned Maths professor from Texas Austin.

Academic Honours

Your high school academics show you are intelligent and that you're all about good grades. But, how can you show the universities that you're applying to that you're better than the best?

  • Add credibility to your profile and work magic through Academic Honours !
  • Take up Advanced Placement (AP) programs offered by College Board, the organization that conducts SAT (Standardized test for Undergraduate college admissions for USA). In fact, you get additional credit from universities on completing such courses.
  • Build up your academic forte – take up academic courses and programs to shine bright on a list of regular applicants!

Summer Enrichment

So you like to travel and have fun during summer? We can help you do that and also help you enhance your profile! Summer Programs or Summer Schools open an opportunity for you to know more about your chosen career and undoubtedly add that extra zing to your burger(oops your profile!) Summer Schools are organized by several top universities, both in India and abroad.

Here’s what you can do at a summer program –

  • You can experience all the everyday learning prospects and possibilities, which will equip you well to make better career choices.
  • You get a chance to explore your interests before you decide to take it up as a career.
  • You can get hands-on experience, develop new skills that a classroom doesn't offer and get a taste of an exciting college life.

Career Focused

Do you feel that you already know what you were meant to be in life? If yes, then Career Focused courses will boost your confidence, make you better prepared for your dream career and raise your odds of exceling in the competition.

Here’s what you can do :

  • If you're interested in Finance, take up the ACCA course that will give you recognition in over 180 countries;
  • If you plan to pursue Journalism, take up courses in News Writing;
  • Or if you are the artist, hone your skills with courses in Photoshop or 3D Pixels or Web Design.

Your options are endless!

Work Experience

Why wait to complete college when you can take up paid internships in business organizations and gain work experience beforehand and prepare yourself for a exceling better at college? Find yourself the paid internship opportunity to enhance your profile.

What you can do?

  • If you're interested in community service, you can be a volunteer.
  • If you're interested in business management, you can work in a business organization.

We can help you find the right place for you to intern!

Co-curricular achievements

Do you like dancing or do you like to write? There's no better way to prove that you're really interested in your chosen field of study than to show admissions officers that you live and breathe it already on a daily basis.

  • Co-curricular achievements not only help you build your profile, they also fill you with confidence and help you learn lessons that won't be taught in classrooms.
  • This is a great way to show that your studies are also your passion.
  • Model United Nations, Olympiads, School Clubs are some of the most well-known examples for such activities.

Extra-curricular activities

You must be familiar with extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, arts and dance. However, are you aware that these activities can make your profile stronger if pursued in a planned manner?

There are no right or wrong choices of the kind of activity you want to be involved in. The only questions you ask yourself are –

  • Are you getting something out of it?
  • Are you enjoying it?
  • Are you learning how to do it better?

Special skills

YouKarate, Tae Kwon Do, Mountaineering and zillion more such activities will make your profile stand out among the others as they show that you have the determination to learn and practice these skills. These skills may or may not make you money someday; but you’re pursuing them because, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be the person that you need to be. You can now get your special skills certified and showcase to your college and stand out among the crowd.

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