Personalised Counselling

Because Personalized Guidance makes all the difference...

Through an unbiased counselling approach, our Expert Counsellors help students gain clarity on Courses, Careers, Colleges, Entrance Tests and much more.

Career counselling with expert counsellors
One-on-one Counseling Session with Expert Counselor

Schedule one on one Counseling sessions with an expert Counsellor for undivided attention and focused Guidance.

Chat with Expert Counselors

Imagine an expert Counsellor is available to answer your questions at any time of the day. Our Counselor Chats are designed to overcome challenges like student inhibitions, anytime access and instant responses to student queries.

Students & Parents can access an expert counsellor's guidance via chat Monday to Saturday, between 9 AM - 9 PM.

Career counsellors webinars
Expert Sessions (Webinars)

Between Counseling Sessions and Chats, you will get invited to attend a range of Online sessions (Webinars) hosted by Counsellors & Education experts on a range of topics like 'How to improve focus and concentration', to 'How to prepare for Board and Entrance exams' and many more.

Watch Expert Sessions