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Our 26+ Career & College Research Tools help students & parents get detailed and reliable information about various Careers, Courses, Colleges, Fees and much more.

26+ Career & College Research Tools to choose from like...

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best student subject selection tool
Subject Selection

The tool helps Students select subjects they should select by mapping the Board (CBSE, IB, Cambridge Intl and others) they are studying in and the Course and Country they wish to pursue.

Careers Deep Dive

Includes detailed descriptions of over 50 Career Options. It has info on top colleges offering the course, required Entrance tests and Career prospects and more. This tool has everything a student needs to know about a specific Career to understand it thoroughly.

Best college search tool
College Search

Search for detailed information about specific colleges from thousands of options in India and abroad. This tool gives you details like the ranking of the college, its admission criteria, courses offered and scholarships available.

Course Fee Comparison Calculator

Forget spending hours on the internet searching for fee details of colleges and living costs in different countries. Our course fee calculator gives you this info in a matter of seconds.

Best Admission Chances Calculator
Admission Chances Calculator

Through this tool, based on their input of Academic and Entrance test scores, students can calculate their chances of admission to any University of their choice.