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About the Scholarship

University of Waikato Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement has been established to contribute to the University’s Vision of achieving excellence, distinctiveness and international connectedness. Te Paewai o te Rangi can be translated to mean the water horizon.  It is the place where the ocean meets the sky, and where the sun sets and rises every day.  This is the transition point where Tāne traveled on his quest to ascend into the heavens and to suspend the stars in the sky.  Metaphorically, Te Paewai o te Rangi describes a person’s journey to achieve excellence.  It is the pathway to the stars; an unending pursuit to reach the pinnacle of your desires which in the case of this Scholarship is education and knowledge.

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Scholarship Details

Up to $25,000 over three years

Eligibility Criteria

For school leavers and students who have taken one gap year who are intending to enrol full-time in undergraduate study at UoW in 2020. Applicants must have achieved NCEA Level 2 with Excellence (or equivalent) and must be on-track to achieve NCEA Level 3 with Excellence (or equivalent). Applicants must show exceptional leadership qualities and/or be actively involved in community initiatives.

Colleges where this scholarship is applicable

Application Process

Please ensure you read the Guidelines on Applying for School Leaver Scholarships before you commence the application process.
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