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Merit Based Scholarship | Scholarship Provided by : The University of Newcastle Foundation

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About the Scholarship

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This scholarship was established by the University of Newcastle (UON) Foundation. The aim of this scholarship is to assist disadvantaged students for studies at the University of Newcastle.  The scholarship is available to the students who are academically gifted but are also facing hardship from factors such as being from a low socio-economic background, coming from a rural or remote area, living with disabilities, and carer or parenting responsibilities.

Scholarship application closes on
March 31, 2016
Scholarship provided type
Number of scholarships offered
30 per year
Study Level
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Scholarship Details

The scholarship is applicable to students from all international countries for studies at University of Newcastle in Australia.  The value and number of scholarships awarded depends on the amount raised by donations to the UON Foundation. Typically the scholarship is valued at $4,000. The payment will be for a lump sum amount and paid after the semester 1 census date.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship:
  • Students must be academically gifted
  • Students must also face hardship from factors such as :
    • Being from a low socioeconomic background
    • Coming from a rural or remote area
    • Living with disabilities
    • Carrier or parenting responsibilities
  • Student must be enrolled in any year of an undergraduate degree programme
  • Student must be enrolled in a full-time course.


Application Process

Students need to submit the filled application form before a given deadline.
They should submit the following documents along with the application:
  • Career aspirations
  • Details of financial disadvantage
  • Disability
  • Regional or remote disadvantage
  • Carrier or parenting responsibilities supported by any appropriate documentation.

Additional Information

Selection of the applicant depends on:
  • Academic merit, namely Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or equivalent or cumulative GPA
  • A written statement outlining career aspirations and details of financial disadvantage, disability, regional or remote disadvantage, carer or parenting responsibilities, supported by any appropriate documentation.

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Contact Info

Scholarships Officer,
Student Services Centre, University of Newcastle, University Drive,
Callaghan NSW 2308 Australia
Phone: +61-2-4921-6404
Fax: +61-2-4921-6937