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About the Scholarship

New Zealand Development Scholarship (Timor Leste) is a merit based scholarship provided by New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It is offered to 15 students per year. This scholarship is provided to East Timor students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at various colleges in New Zealand.

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Scholarship Details

The scholarship does not specify the amount that it will grant to students. It is applicable to postgraduate and undergraduate students from East Timor interested in Architecture, Law, Medicine, Science, Humanities, Healthcare, Education and Teaching, Journalism, Media, PR and Events, Computer Science and Information Technology, Business Management, Music and Sports.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship, the students should
  • Be East Timorese nationals, and have lived in Timor-Leste for at least five years
  • Be usually  and currently resident in Timor-Leste (having resided for a minimum of 5 cumulative years in Timor Leste since 1999)
  • Not have permanent residence status for New Zealand or another developed country
  • Be a minimum of 17 years of age at the time of commencement of scholarship in New Zealand
  • Not be married or engaged to or be a de facto of a person who holds or is eligible to hold, New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency at any of the application, selection or mobilization phases or while on scholarship in New Zealand
  • A strong academic background. For postgraduate study, applicants must hold a recognised Bachelors degree of strong academic merit, relevant to the proposed postgraduate qualification
  • English language ability
  • Be applying to commence a new qualification and not be seeking funding for a qualification already in progress
  • Be applying for a higher level qualification than any previously attained, unless strong developmental relevance is demonstrated
  • Have been working in Timor-Leste since completing their highest tertiary qualification gained to date, preferably for at least two years prior to application
  • Be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to the relevant sector in Timor-Leste, and to the applicant country’s development in general
  • Have a minimum IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 5.0 (undergraduate study) or 5.5 (postgraduate study) to be considered for short listing
  • Be able to take up the scholarship in the year in which it is offered.

Colleges where this scholarship is applicable

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