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About the Scholarship

The 800th Anniversary Scholarship is a merit based scholarship provided by the University of Cambridge & the Cambridge Assessment. The number of scholarships offered varies each year. Students interested in several fields of study including Architecture, Art & Design, Medicine, Business Management, Computer Science & Information Technology at the undergraduate level from the University of Cambridge can apply for this scholarship.

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Scholarship Details

The scholarship is applicable to students from Pakistan for studies at the University of Cambridge in United Kingdom. The scholarship covers the university fee, college fee, and an annual stipend sufficient for a single student (means-tested).

Eligibility Criteria

Students can apply irrespective of their gender.
  • The scholarships, to be held at the University of Cambridge, are for school-leavers from Pakistan. Pakistan nationals who attend schools outside Pakistan are not eligible
  • Students should be studying A Levels or the International Baccalaureate
  • Students for all undergraduate courses except Medicine and Veterinary Medicine are eligible to apply
  • The scholarships are for students who would not be able to fund their studies at Cambridge independently
  • Students are not eligible to apply for this particular scholarship if they already have a degree and are applying to Cambridge as a potential affiliated applicant.

Colleges where this scholarship is applicable

Additional Information

Students should be school-leavers from Pakistan, applying for BA. School-leavers from Pakistan who meet the usual examination qualifications for admission to Cambridge may apply for the scholarships.

Application Process

  • Students need to complete a separate application to be considered for the scholarship
  • Students can download the scholarship application form from this link
  • Once application completed, the scholarship application form should be submitted to the address mentioned in the below section
  • Application forms submitted by fax or email will not be accepted.
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