The Great Hike

In the last decade, the price of gold has seen a remarkable increase, but do you know what else has increased significantly, let's take a look at it- 

  • The number of private schools in India more than doubled between 2012 and 2022.
  • The intense competition among schools to create the best strategic planning for admission has also increased.
  • During this urgent time, Alumni networks can be a crucial resource for schools. 
  • Inaction in managing alumni relations can lead to significant missed opportunities & much more. Click below to know more.
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How do we stand out?

Univariety has successfully found out that The benefits of a robust alumni management system are immense, and the consequences of inaction can be significant. 

  • Enhanced Reputation: Your alumni are living proof of your institution’s impact. Their achievements and testimonials strengthen your school’s reputation, attract new students and help you stand out. 
  • Increased Enrollment: Prospective students and their families often consider alumni success stories when choosing a school. A well-managed alumni network can be a powerful marketing tool to boost enrollments.
  • Student Success: Connecting current students with alumni for mentorship enriches their educational experience and improves their prospects. This creates a cycle of success and loyalty.
  • Connect with Univariety & know how you can stand out too. 
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