The Impressive Impact

Dear Educator, do you know that schools with active alumni networks have seen? Let's look at some of the impressive numbers we have seen so far- 

  • 8-12% increase in student admissions rate. 
  • 15-20% improvement in student career outcomes. 
  • These are not just numbers; they reflect the power of an engaged alumni community.
  • An active alumni network is more than a collection of former students. Want to know more? Keep reading...
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Great Tips from Alumni

Alumni who have been through the same paths can provide invaluable guidance to current students. Imagine a system matching each of your current students with 42 unique alumni every year- 

  • This network can lead to better choices of colleges, and recommendations for top coaching institutes. 
  • Direct messages between students &  alumni, and access to a video library of alumni journeys.
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  • Real-world experiences of alumni can help students navigate their academic and career journeys more effectively.
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Marketing & Admission

A strong alumni community serves as a testament to the quality of education provided by your school. Alumni can leave detailed Google reviews about their positive experiences, participate in admissions open houses, and contribute to real-time website displays showcasing their stories-

  • Alumni testimonials highlight the quality of education.
  • Positive Google reviews enhance the school's reputation.
  • Alumni participation in open houses boosts admissions.
  • Real-time success stories on the website provide credibility.
  • Endorsements from successful alumni attract prospective students.
  • Let's discuss how we can help you build this community and explore the endless possibilities an engaged alumni network can bring to your school.
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