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Been There, Done That - The Alumni Slogan

Mentorship from your Alumni adds an extra layer of personalisation to the career guidance experience. 3 Key Functions sums up Alumni Mentorship in this process.

  • View - Alumni profile and complete journeys.
  • Watch - Guidance videos and Webinars.
  • Ask - Connect one-to-one and ask questions to alumni.
  • These are the pillars of Alumni Mentorship that brings outcomes that can be measured, and real value that can be seen. 
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View and Learn from Alumni Journeys 

Students take a journey through their alumni journeys. Highlighting their success enables students to learn about popular trends, and derive inspiration from them. Know about-

  • Extracurricular activities alumni participated in.
  • Competitive exams they prepared for.
  • Colleges they applied to and accepted. 
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Watch and Gain Insights from Alumni Videos

Your alumni’s experiences can have a great impact on your current students. Through our Alumni Impact Program, students get access to a curated video library of alumni talking about -

  • Their experience at the institute.
  • How they prepared for exams.
  • How they selected their stream, course, and college.
  • Life after moving out of institute.
  • Current trends in their area of work. 
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Ask and You Shall Receive, Knowledge

Information comes from many sources. Why spend time on unreliable sources? Your existing Alumni can provide the right information?

  • Real-time conversations with alumni offers students extensive knowledge instead of searching aimlessly through the internet.
  • Students are matched with their Alumni by the system based on what they want to do and what alumni have already achieved. 
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