Amp Up your  Admission Strategy

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A New Definition for Institute Success

Parents today want to see your institute's real outcomes i.e., alumni success stories before they make admission decisions.

  • Our platform showcases multiple alumni stories in just 5 seconds.
  • Stories with prospects can be done and updated real time to boost admissions!
  • In a matter of few clicks, alumni stories switched to showcase on your website.
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Admissions Team Training

A well-trained admission team can be a game-changer for your institute. They will be at the front of showcasing your legacy of successful alumni to the parents out there! 

  • Virtual Training Sessions for each Admission Counsellor.
  • A Walkthrough To Identify and Understand Success Stories.
  • An In-depth Role-Play Session to Enable Better Communication.
  • Regular Webinars on Industry Insights from Top Professionals.
  • Easy Access to Recorded Modules, Demos, Handouts & Digital Brochures. 
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